Director of Firefly Fun House, Jason Baker, made an appearance on Busted Open to talk about Bray Wyatt's involvement with his character. After a couple weeks of the twisted kids show, things took a very dark turn on this week's show with Wyatt revealing his dark secret and new mask.

Baker noted that Wyatt was very much involved with the process, constantly texting ideas and communicating with other members involved in the project.

"He's the brainchild, man, I honestly cannot just sit and be like, 'I did everything,' no, it was a group effort," Baker said. "I wake up and go to sleep from text messages from him. Spitballing ideas back and forth with each other, between him, Nick, Tom [Savini], and everybody else, we brought our little two cents to everything. I think that's why it was a success, it wasn't just one person, it was a group effort.

"It's either everybody goes home empty handed or everybody gets a Super Bowl ring type situation. Yeah, it was definitely a fun collaboration, but he was the brainchild—at the center of all of it, it was his baby. Getting the chance to help him bring his ideas and his visions to life was a true honor."

Baker also previously appeared on Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar and gave more insight to how it was working with Wyatt.

You can check out Baker's comments on Busted Open in the clip below.

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