Canadian indie wrestling promoter "Hotshot" Danny Duggan announced on Facebook that he was involved in a bad car accident with Robin Lekimi and former WCW star Psicosis on Wednesday while driving through winter weather in Ontario.

Duggan revealed that Psicosis saved him from drowning as the car was upside down in a body of water. He details the accident in the post below. Duggan said he is lucky to be alive right now as he suffered a severe concussion and several other injuries. Psicosis and Robin escaped the wreck with cuts and bruises.

"I've got a severe concussion, my head is swollen, my legs are smashed and beat up pretty bad, likely due to sitting so close to the dash but nothing majorly damaged, some very severe and deep lacerations, cuts, and chunks of skin gone on my scalp, ear, legs, arms, and my hands being mangled and bloody pretty bad. And a whole lot of pain throughout my back and body. But I am alive. We're alive. Psicosis and Robin luckily managed to escape with what appears to be so far only some cuts and bruises. Hopefully nothing more," Duggan wrote.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Duggan at this link. As of this writing, they have raised $990 of a $6,500 goal, by 26 people in 7 hours.

You can see Duggan's full Facebook post below:

Ian Stephen contributed to this article.