Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of GCW The Block Is Hot, streaming live via Fite.tv. Tonight's event takes place at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Show opens with loud "GCW" chants. Ring announcer thanks everyone in attendance for joining them. He announces the opening matchup will be one-fall.

MJF makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. As he grabs a microphone the fans chant for him to "shut the *** up!" He responds by telling them to do the same before going into his signature introduction promo..."I'm better than you...and you know it."

"We Belong" by Pat Benetar plays...IT"S MARKO STUNT TIME. He comes out to a huge ovation. MJF screams for the DJ to cut Stunt's music. He asks Stunt if he recently escaped from an Orphange, then asks the crowd "whose child is this?" MJF then tells Stunt that he doesn't have a chance in the world. He offers Stunt a lifetime supply of corn-dogs if he can bodyslam him in the match.

Stunt grabs the microphone and calls MJF a "stupid b**ch." He then ups the ante.."If I can powerslam you...you have to buy everyone corndogs." MJF accepts.

MJF versus Marko Stunt

MJF lets Stunt go for the slam. Crowd is excited about the prospect of getting corn dogs. He can't get him up. MJF quickly slams Stunt and begins stomping his lower back. Bearhug applied by MJF. He has it on for a while. Stunt powers out of the hold...he goes for the slam again...almost...MJF shifts out and delivers a backbreaker. Huge right hand knocks Stunt to the mat. MJF places him on the top rope and goes for a superplex...Stunt rakes the eyes knocking him off...top rope frankensteiner sends MJF into the turnbuckles! He hits a series of dropkicks but MJF dodges the third. Back suplex...Stunt lands on his feet. Roll-up by Stunt...MJF lands on his knees...running knee from Stunt! Cover...only a two.

Stunt signals to the crowd that he's going for a body slam...again MJF avoids it...he props Stunt on the turnbuckle...superkick from MJF! Alabama slam. MJF transitions right into the Boston Crab...Stunt is right in the center...he eventually gets to the ropes. MJF taunts Stunt while kicking him in the face. Stunt tells MJF that he had sex with his mother. MFJ ties Stunt in the torture rack...Stunt escapes...HE SLAMS HIM! Cover...that's it!

Marko Stunt wins by pinfall. MJF has to buy everyone corndogs.

Stunt tells MJF that he has to honor the agreement...MJF runs off! Crowd boos.

Next matchup is also announced as one-fall. Orange Cassidy is out. His opponent, Lucky 13, is out second.

Orange Cassidy versus Lucky 13

Cassidy ducks a grapple attempt, then a kick. He has his hands in his pockets. His glasses fall off...Lucky 13 helps put them back on. Shoulder bump from Lucky 13...Cassidy barely moves. He tries a drop-toe-hold but Cassidy blocks it. Lucky 13 getting frustrated. Nice back and forth sequence with Cassidy still having his hands in his pocket. Cassidy sets up for a dropkick...Lucky 13 says that if he turns around he knows he'll get hit so just refuses. Dropkick dodged. Cassidy's glasses fall off again...he puts them on without taking his hands out of his pocket! "Holy sh**" chant from the crowd. Both men trade slow-motion chops in the center of the ring...fans going wild. Cassidy wins the exchange with a slow-motion flurry. He ties Lucky 13 up...slow-motion Canadian Destroyer! Lucky 13 bounces to his feet and starts moving full speed. He catches Cassidy with a running knee, then suplexes him into the turbuckles that sends him to ringside. Lucky 13 by the ropes...SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR! He throws Cassidy back inside..powerbomb. A second. A third with cover...Cassidy just gets a shoulder up. Combo by Lucky 13...Cassidy dodges the last strike...he spits juice into Lucky 13's eyes! Roll-up...got em!

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall

After a short celebration, ring announcer is back to bring out our next competitors.

Mance Warner enters, albeit after his music was playing for a while. Homicide with a sneak attack!

Mance Warner versus Homicide

Homicide all over Warner in the early going. They brawl into the crowd...Homicide tosses Warner into the bleachers! Warner lands a series of rights but Homicide slows him down with fingers to the eyes. He picks up a trash can and tosses it at Warner! Warner stumbles back into the ring...Homicide reaches under and pulls out a ladder and a door. Warner baseball slides the ladder knocking Homicide to the ground. He sets them up in the corner. Homicide thumbs Warner in the eye ...Warner fires back with a huge slap to the throat. Homicide tries tossing a chair at Warner...he catches it and sends it back! Fight spills back to the outside...they end up halfway up the stairs! Homicide ties him up...PILEDRIVER ON THE STAIRS. Loud GCW chants.

Homicide brings Warner to another part of the crowd. He goes for another piledriver but Warner back body drops him into several chairs. They trade strikes. Homicide with a vertical suplex. He reaches in his pockets...IT"S A FORK. He fishhooks it into Warner's mouth...then smashes it into his face! Warner in a lot of pain moves to the ring. Homicide punches him in the face with the fork, then cuts it deep into Warner's armpit! Warner responds by Irish-whipping Homicide through the ladder! He goes for the win...two count. Homicide retakes control and goes for a double-underhook...Warner escapes...claw-slam! A cover...another two count. Jabs from Warner...eye poke...DDT! Warner climbs the middle-rope and delivers an elbow. He climbs again...Homicide slams him off! Bulldog from Homicide. He puts the broken ladder on top of Warner then hits him with a steel chair. A second shot. He grabs the microphone and wraps it around Warner's neck! He whips Warner in the midsection. He may have broken the microphone doing it. STF applied.

Colby Corino interferes and starts nailing Homicide! Homicide takes control of the situation...he goes to throw Colby through the door set up from earlier...the little man turns it into a tornado DDT! Warner spears Homicide through the door! Cover...two count! Running knee from Warner! That'll do it.

Mance Warner wins by pinfall

After the match Colby continues to trash-talk Homicide. He grabs a chair and threatens to hit him, but the referee is able to stop him from doing it. Colby curses at Homicide as he leaves. Homicide gets to his feet and starts shoving the ref for counting him out. He gets on the microphone (not broken) and calls Colby's mother a whore. Colby runs back out...he nails a codebreaker! Eventually...Homicide leaves looking angry.

A scramble match is announced as the next bout. Grim Reefer is out first, followed by KTB, Facade, Joe Gacy, Pinkie Sanchez, and Teddy Hart. Hart has one of his cats with him and puts it in the corner. Eventually it is taken away. Here we go.

Grim Reefer versus KTB versus Facade versus Joe Gacy versus Pinkie Sanchez versus Teddy Hart in a scramble match

Gacy and KTB start. They shove each other back and forth...the other four team up on them. Hart lands a lungblower. He teams up with Reefer...double-team on Gacy. KTB hits a spear on two men. He catches Sanchez and Facade, then tosses them across the ring. Hart slows KTB down with a stunner over the ropes. More double-teams with Reefer...assisted Canadian destroyer! Reefer betrays Hart with a superkick! Every man for himself now.

Sanchez and Facade go at it. Gacy interrupts nailing Facade with a discus lariat. Suplex from Gacy sends Facade to the outside. He lands a suicide dive on Facade and Hart. Hart with a huge right! He goes for a springboard moonsault but gets pulled off! Sanchez goes for the moonsault...Reefer with a leg-sweep off! Facade lands a double-frankensteiner with his manager! Facade sets up a chair in the ring...he runs and uses the chair...450 INTO THE LOT! (Sabu style.) HART OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A MOONSAULT! Crowd is going crazy as everyone recovers on the floor.

Back in the ring...Facade bulldogs KTB off a chair. Reefer takes Facade out with a short-arm clothesline. Chair-assisted curb stomp by Reefer. Sanchez breaks up the pin attempt. He chops Reefer in the corner. Huge knee lands....springboard dropkick! Hart brawls on the outside with Gacy. Hart goes after Sanchez...powerbomb lunglbower! Gacy out of nowhere with a cutter! He hits KTB with a handspring stunner! Gacy climbs but gets crotch-dropped. Facade with a top rope fallaway slam onto Reefer! Hart nails the Stewart special! KTB with another spear! Gacy takes out KTB with a superkick. He sets up a table and goes for Sanchez...Sanchez lands an enziguri, then follows up with an around-the-world DDT. Baseball slide into Hart. Sanchez puts KTB up on the top and goes for a superplex...KTB grabs him in a firemans carry...ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ACROSS THE RING THROUGH A TABLE. WINNER!

KTB wins by pinfall

Post-match, Teddy Hart gets on the microphone and delivers a promo thanking the most dedicated fans for following GCW's journey, and keeping independent wrestling popular. He says that it's his Uncle Stu Hart's birthday, which elicits a huge cheer. Hart says that he fights for his legacy, the legacy of the Hart family, and of course...Canada. Hart celebrates with the crowd by sharing a beer.

Commentary tells us that our next bout will be between Jonathan Gresham and Tony Deppen. Gresham is out first. Deppend is second...crowd sings Happy Birthday to him. He says he doesn't need their wishes, then flips them off.

Jonathan Gresham versus Tony Deppen

Gresham goes for a handshake...Deppen kicks it away. Tie-up. Deppen pushes Gresham into the corner...ref breaks the hold. Deppen goes for a kick but Gresham dodges. Knuckle-lock. Gresham with a takedown, Deppen rolls through. Nice technical sequence from both men...it ends in a staredown.

Second tie-up. Deppen with a headlock. Gresham tries to bounce him off the ropes but Deppen won't let go. Back suplex...still applied. Gresham finally escapes...huge shoulder bump from Deppen. He shoots snot at the crowd. Gresham spits back! Huge dropkick. Gresham lands a big chop to Deppen in the corner. Gresham climbs to the middle-rope...Deppen shoves the ref into him then dumps Gresham to the outside. Deppen on the apron...running PK. He stomps Gresham under the ropes, then targets his ankles. Gresham fires off another chop but Deppen rakes the eyes. Back and forth striking...Deppen wins the exchange with kicks to the chest. Gresham with another takedown...Deppen rolls through and delivers a slap to Gresham's face. Huge kick to the chest. Another sends Gresham to the mat. Gresham bounces up and takes control with a corner dropkick! Sequence of reversals...Deppen slows Gresham with another kick to the chest. Figure-four from Gresham right in the center...he manages to make it to the ropes. Ref breaks the hold.

Gresham goes after Deppen's knee. He goes for a dragon-screw...Deppen with a slap...huge running forearm. He places Gresham on the top rope then tucks his head...huge knee from Deppen! He climbs...double-stomp misses...Gresham goes for a running dropkick...Deppen jumps and lands the double-stomp! Running knee...cover...he gets his foot on the ropes! Deppen can't believe it. Another running knee attempt...Gresham rolls him up...VERY CLOSE TWO. Both men back to their feet...they trade stiff strikes in the center. Neither man has the advantage...eniguri from Gresham! He goes for a German...series of reversals...pump kick by Deppen! Gresham with a powerbomb...he turns Deppen over...leg stomp! Figure-four locked in! Deppen reverses the pressure...Gresham in trouble...he gets to the ropes again to break the hold. Back to the center...they trade shots to each other's legs. Gresham with a chop. Deppen chops the leg! Another drops Gresham to the mat! Roll-up! It goes back and forth! Deppen lands on his feet...HUGE RUNNING KNEE. Cover...Gresham can't kick out.

Tony Deppen wins by pinfall

Brief intermission is announced. They play footage of Joey Janela's Spring Break 3 during the break.

A deathmatch is announced next. Winner gets automatic entry into the next GCW tournament of survival. The ring is set up with barbed wire, trash cans, barbed wire table, cheese grader doors, the works. SHLAK is out first, followed by his opponent...G-Raver.

SHLAK versus G-Raver in a DEATHMATCH qualifier into the Tournament of Survival

Shlak goes for a spear but Raver dodges it...he goes right into the grader table. Raver dumbs a bag of tacs. Huge slap by Shlak...he takes Raver's hand...and stomps it into the tacs! Superkick from Raver. He climbs to the second rope...HE DOUBLE-STOMPS SHLAK'S HEAD INTO THE TACS. Loud GCW chants. Raver sets up a chair...Shlak takes advantage and nails him to the ground. He shoves his head into the tacs! Shlak grabs a crutch covered in barbed wire...he lays into Raver with it. Both men are already a bloody mess. Shlak drags Raver to the ring ropes with barbed wire...he grinds his face up and down it.

Shlak gets tied up in the tree-of-woe...Raver places the razor board onto Shlak's head...RUNNING DROPKICK BREAKS THE RAZOR BOARD INTO SHLAK. Raver puts Shlak up top...he grabs the trash can and sets it upside down, then places a chair on top of it, followed by a bunch of tacs. Raver climbs...he goes for a frankensteiner...SHLAK POWERBOMBS HIM ON TOP OF THE TAC COVERED TRASH CAN. Cover...Raver gets a shoulder up! Shlak drives the wired crutch into Raver's neck. Vertical suplex by Shlak. He ties Raver up in a submission...he bites his hand! Plastic bag over Raver's head! Torture rack! He tells the ref to set up the trash can...burning hammer onto it! Somehow Raver kicks out again. Back on his feet...Raver with a release German suplex! He shoves needles into Shlak's head! Top rope flatliner drives the needles in deeper! Tornado DDT by Raver. Shlak fires right back with a huge lariat! Both men are down!

Raver builds a table out of chairs and a door. He lays Shlak across...then places the barbed wire door on top of him. Raver climbs...SENTON LANDS DRIVING THE WIRE INTO SHLAK. SHLAK RIGHT BACK UP. Raver with a chair shot...superkick...it's over.

G-Raver wins by pinfall to earn a spot in the Tournament of Survival

Takes the ring crew a second to clear the ring of all of its deathtraps. Eventually the next matchup is announced...and is also scheduled for one-fall.

Chris Dickinson is out first. He'll be facing...Dan Maff

Chris Dickinson versus Dan Maff

Grappling to start. Fight spills to ringside. Maff with a huge suicide dive! Dickinson lands a chop. Monstrous striking exchange from both men. Maff hits Dickinson with a step-through spear back in the ring. Dickinson fires right back with an enziguri that floors the big guy. Dickinson places Maff in the corner...more chops. Boot to Maff's throat. Snapmare and PK in succession by Dickinson. He tears Maff's shirt off and continues to target the chest. Maff lands a few chops of his own. Another back and forth, Maff wins this round, but then gets nailed with a big boot! German suplex by Dickinson! He goes to the outside and grabs a chair...HE NAILS HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD...MAFF IS BUSTED OPEN. Dickinson pulls out a door and sets it up in the corner. Dickinson with another chair shot...it has no effect on Maff! He grabs Dickinson by the throat...then catches him with a half-and-half suplex. Half-nelson suplex from Maff sends Dickinson to the corner. Cannonball from Maff. Cover...Dickinson just gets a shoulder up. Both men are down.

Maff lays into Dickinson with chops. He puts him on the top and goes for the backpack stunner...Dickinson blocks it and releases a flurry onto Maff's head. Maff responds with a haymaker. He goes for a superplex...Dickinson switches under...he powerbombs him into the door! Cover...HE KICKED OUT. Crowd going nuts. Maff and Dickinson trade lariats...back body drop from Maff...Dickinson with a mini piledriver. Nothing can keep Maff down. Dickson grabs a few more chairs from the crowd. Maff goes to the other side throwing in chairs himself. Fans begin to throw their chairs in as well. Fortunately, it doesn't get out of hand.

Dickinson with an attitude adjustment on top of all the chairs. Maff reciprocates with one of his own. Mexican destroyer from Dickinson! Maff kicks out again. Another chair shot but Maff ducks it...burning hammer onto a chair from Maff. Dickinson can't kick out.

Danny Maff wins by pinfall

Maff and Dickinson share a hug post-match.

Colby Corino is out for his grudge bout with Jimmy Lloyd.

Colby Corino versus Jimmy Lloyd

Brawl to start. Lloyd traps Corino in the corner. Corino escapes...he connects with a roundhouse. Half-and-half suplex from Corino sends Lloyd to the outside. Suicide dive from Corino! Lloyd gains the advantage on the outside. He reaches under the ring looking for a weapon. Corino attacks him...Lloyd responds by throwing a chair into his face. Lloyd sets up four chairs side by side, then adds a fifth in the center. Corino on the apron...running dropkick! Eventually the action returns to the ring, with the chairs still setup on the outside. Lloyd connects with a huge right hand. At some point he got a hold of a chain and uses it as a weapon on Corino. Tiger bomb from Lloyd. Corino kicks out. He sets up a chair in the opposing corner...Lloyd goes for an Irish-whip...Corino reverses it sending Lloyd head first into the chair! Blockbuster DDT from Corino! Lloyd answers back with one of his own! Both men are down!

Lloyd and Corino have a duel with chairs...they both connect with a headshot sending them to the mat. Lloyd grabs a staple gun...Corino snags it from him and staples his head! He gets a dollar from the crowd...he staples it to Lloyd's head. Lloyd manages to retake control and wrap the steel chain around Corino's throat. He tosses him over the top...HE'S HANGING HIM! Corino is able to break free. He grabs the chain and ties it around Lloyds throat...then pulls him down into the table of chairs! He begins whipping Lloyd with the chains, then ties him up in the corner...sic kick. Corino sets up a chair in the ring...DVD on top of it. Pinfall...Lloyd stays alive. Corino under the ring again...he pulls out a door. Teddy Hart makes his way to ringside to cheer Corino on. Corino sets the table up in the turnbuckles...he misses a double-stomp...superkick from Lloyd. Lloyd climbs but Corino sets him up again...double-stomp lands through the door! He goes for the pin...HOMICIDE'S MUSIC HITS. Corino stands ready to fight...he doesn't come out...Corino tells the DJ to shut the music off. He grabs another door...and creates a table using two chairs. He climbs...Lloyd smashes him with a broken door part...he meets Corino on the top...tombstone through the table! It looks like a two count...ref says it was three. Crowd seems confused and unhappy by that one.

Jimmy Lloyd wins by pinfall

Homicide slowly walks out while Corino is down. He goes for an attack but the ref stops him again...Homicide takes the ref out with a cutter! He stands over Corino...HE HAS A KNIFE...half the roster and security come out to stop him...they're able to pull it away, so instead Homicide hits a cutter to Corino, then lights him up with the chain. They finally get everyone out of there.

Main event time. Bad Boy Janela is out first, followed by the champ. Crowd is hot for this one. Here we go.

Nick Gage versus Joey Janela for the GCW World Championship

Tie-up. Gage forces Janela to the corner. Referee breaks the hold and they separate. Second tie-up. Janela with a wristlock. Gage with some nice mat wrestling to take Janela down...Janela with a takedown of his own...they break apart again cursing each other out. Third tie-up. Headlock from the champ. He takes Janela down with a running shoulder block...Janela rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Back inside...Janela lands the bouts first strikes. He thrusts his shoulder into Gage's gut. Rights and lefts from Janela. He follows that up with a shoulder block. This time Gage regroups on the outside. Janela jumps to the apron in pursuit...he nails Gage with a kick to the head. Janela climbs with Gage still down on the outside...Janela hesitates remembering that this is the move that injured him...Gage takes advantage and pulls him off...Janela hits the apron hard. Chops by Gage...more to the throat. Action moves back into the ring...Gage with a hard Irish-Whip. He applies a sleeper right in the center. Gage climbs to the top...Janela pulls him off...THEY'RE BOTH ON THE APRON...EMERALD FUSION ONTO THE APRON! "Holdy sh*t" chants from the fans. Janela climbs to the top again...flying crossbody connects! Janela bounces right back up to let the crowd know he's okay. Janela picks Gage up in the ring...back suplex. Gage pops right back up...back suplex. Janela with a lariat. Both men are down.

Ref gets up to five on the double-count...they make it to their feet. Janela with a combo...Gage catches him with a spinebuster! Janela falls to the corner....boot scrape! Slingshot splash. Gage with the pin...Janela escapes! His manager hands him the pizza cutter! Janela ducks Gage's swipe...running forearm knocks Gage down! Janela grabs the pizza cutter...he slices Gage's head open. Blood pours from the champ's head. Janela targets the wound with more strikes. Somehow Gage lands a DDT, then nearly wins the match with a one-winged angel. Gage gets a door in the ring...he makes it a table by setting it up on two chairs. Janela with a discus forearm...Gage ends up on the table...he says this is for Lio Rush...FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE. Gage somehow kicks out. Another lariat by Gage. He takes a piece of the busted door and goes for Janela...Janela pulls the ref int he way! Superkick! He has Gage beat but there's no one to make the count. Janela sets up six chairs in the ring side-by-side. He climbs them with Gage and goes for a package piledriver...it lands. New ref in...one...two...HE KICKS OUT! Janela loads up for another superkick...Gage catches him...piledriver! A second! Chokebreaker! Janela kicks out! Gage can't believe it. Janela with a Boston crab out of nowhere...Gage is in trouble...he tries to get to the ropes but Janela drags him to the center...eventually he escapes.

Janela creates another table...he climbs to the top...Gage meets him...he grabs Janela by the hair...piledriver through the table. Crossface applied...Janela taps.

Nick Gage wins by submission to retain the GCW World Championship

Gage celebrates. Janela looks distraught in the ring. "Thank you Joey" chants from the crowd. Gage cuts a promo after telling the fans that they couldn't do GCW without them.

That's the show friends.

Be sure to catch our live coverage for tomorrow's GCW event, The Last One's Left, also streaming live via Fite.tv!