Welcome to Wrestling INC’s coverage of GCW The Last One’s Left, streaming live via Fite.tv. Tonight’s event takes place at the Summer Park District Building in Summit, Illinois. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show!

Show opens with loud “GCW” chants. The ring is already filled with competitors for a 7-man F**k Fest that will open the show. Nate Webb is the final man to enter the match. KTB, AJ Grey, Egotistico Fantastico, Valesquez, and Garrett are also in the match.

Nate Webb versus Reed Bentley versus Egotistico Fantastico versus Isaias Velaquez versus Garrett versus AJ Gray versus KTB 7-Man F**k Fest

Action spills all over the arena. Webb drops a man with a double-underhook piledriver. Bentley with a running elbow. He and Garrett get into a striking contest. KTB, who is in the matchup, picks up Garrett and TKO’s him onto the chair. Velaquez comes in with an enziguri. KTB up top…Ego frankensteiners him onto a chair. AJ Gray chains together a bunch of moves, ending with a powerbomb and running knee. Valesquez and Garrett trade chops. Arm-drag from Velaquez but Garrett nails him with a corner dropkick, then a cannonball. Tope con hilo take out the lot. Bentley gets trapped in the ropes…he powerslams someone on the apron.

All seven man brawl around the arena…KTB nearly kills Ego with a running boot. Gray takes out everyone with a top rope dive. Webb ties up Velaquez in the tree-of-woe. He goes for a coast-to-coast but KTB knocks him out of the ring. KTB with an attitude adjustment from across the ring through a table. That’ll do it.

KTB wins the F**k Fest by pinfall

The ring is swept. Next matchup is announced as singles-contest set for one-fall. Marko Stunt is out first…he’ll be facing Tony Deppen. Deppen jumps on the microphone and mocks Stunt for treating wrestling like a joke. He tells Stunt he can go back to Mississippi to be with his degenerate family, or he can stay and take a beating. Stunt says he’ll stay…”I don’t want to walk out on you like your daddy did.” Deppend doesn’t like that.

Marko Stunt versus Tony Deppen

Deppen with a huge right hand to open. He rag-dolls Stunt across the ring. Powerslam and stomps from Deppen. He goes for a military press but Stunt lands on his feet. Combo from Stunt sends Deppen to the corner. Stunt goes for a knee-strike…Deppen catches him and throws him into the turnbuckles. He charges…Stunt avoids the attack and unleashes another flurry. Deppen responds with a shoulder bump…then spits snot onto Stunt just like he did to Gresham last night. Stunt slaps him in the face and sends him to the outside with a haymaker. Suicide dive by Stunt. He drops Deppen with a dropkick. Deppen slows Stunt down with a half-and-half suplex, dropping him right on his head. Deppen drops Stunt with a huge chop. He goes for a pin…Stunt escapes with ease but remains hurt with Deppen in control.

Uranagi suplex from Deppen. He continues to target Stunt’s head and neck with stomps. Deppen picks Stunt up and poses for the crowd…powerslam. He climbs to the top…double-stomp misses. Stunt sends Deppen to ringside again with a running knee. Suicide dive under the bottom rope. Back in the ring…Stunt climbs with Deppen on his back…he misses a swanton. Deppen traps Stunt in the corner…V-trigger. Stunt nearly wins the match with an odd looking code-red. Stunt follows it up with a running knee. He goes for a package piledriver…Deppen blocks it and lands a headbutt…shin kick drops Stunt into the turnbuckle…last ride powerbomb! Deppen sets Stunt up…HUGE RUNNING ELBOW. Cover…Stunt barely kicks out. Deppen goes for a superplex…it lands…he goes for a second…Stunt with the roll-up! Two count! Strikes from both men! Stunt with another flurry but Deppen is right there with knee strikes! Stunt with an around the world tornado DDT! Cover…he got em!

Marko Stunt wins by pinfall

After a short celebration…both men clear the ring. Next matchup is also a singles-bout, also scheduled for one-fall. Shane Mercer is out first. He’ll be battling Jake Atlas, who is out second.

Jake Atlas versus Shane Mercer

Tie-up. Atlas with a takedown. Mercer refuses to let go of the grapple. Back to their feet…Atlas lands the first strike…sunset-flip…nice sequence of counters from both men…Atlas with another takedown. Staredown. Crowd is loving the early action. Mercer with an overhand chop. He uses the ropes to land a springboard headscissor, followed by a sprinboard moonsault. Atlas ties Mercer up…delayed vertical suplex by Atlas. Some trash-talking Atlast and Mercer. They exchange forearms. Big combo by Atlas, including a discus elbow. He goes for another high-risk maneuver but Mercer catches him…Alabama slam! Mercer gets Atlast to his feet…big chop sends him back to the mat. Saito suplex from Mercer sends Atlas across the ring. Atlas ducks a chop and lands one of his own. Now Mercer ducks and connects. Atlas hits a pump kick…Mercer responds with a huge right. Roundhouse and German by Atlas…Mercer with another stinging right. Enziguri from Atlas near the apron…he climbs…Mercer drops him with an enziguri. He climbs and sets Atlas up on his shoulders…TOP ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX. Cover…Atlas manages to escape. Both men are down.

Military press attempt from Mercer…Atlas uses the ropes to regain his balance…cutter out of nowhere from Atlas! He climbs with Mercer on the apron…carwheel DDT onto the apron! (Definitely didn’t get all of it.) Atlas and Mercer go at it on the arena floor. Mercer goes for a chop…Atlas ducks and Mercer strikes the ring post! Atlas runs in ring for a suicide dive…Mercer sends him into the chairs! Mercer tells the fans to clear out…HE PICKS UP THE STEEL BLEACHERS. Atlas grabs the other side for a tug-of-war spot…Atlas gets a hold of Mercer and smashes his head off the bleachers. Big elbows by Atlas but Mercer picks him up…back suplex off the bleachers. He gets security to help him…THEY MOVE THE BLEACHERS INTO THE RING AND SET IT UP IN THE CORNER.

Atlas revives takes Mercer out with a flurry. He climbs to the top of the bleachers, which is set up on top of the turnbuckle…Mercer meets him up there. Atlas gains control…superplex off the bleachers into the ring! Cover…Mercer kicks out at two. Atlas tries for a top rope frankensteiner…Mercer counters with a top rope fallaway slam. He climbs to the side with the bleachers…frog splash! Pinfall…Atlas cannot kickout.

Shane Mercer wins by pinfall

Ring crew sets up the ring with light-tubes and other dangerous gadgets for our next bout. Orin Veidt is out first. His opponent…Eric Ryan…is out second.

Eric Ryan versus Orin Veidt

Veidt with a headlock to start. Ryan bounces him off…Veidt with a shoulder tackle. Headscissor and dropkick in succession sends Ryan to the outside. Ryan tosses two chairs into the ring…he and Veidt set them up for a face-to-face showdown. Huge right from Ryan. Veidt reciprocates. They each grab a box of light tubes and smash them across each others faces! Ryan breaks four in a row off Veidt! He picks up a bunch…Veidt with a chair shot and they all go BOOM. Both men busted open and gushing blood. (That didn’t take long.)

Fight spills to the outside. Veidt headbutts a tube into Ryan. He uses one broken tube as a weapon…probing it into Ryan’s head. Cheese grader used by Veidt. Veidt places a tube across the bleachers in the crowd…he picks Ryan up…FALCON ARROW THROUGH THE TUBE ONTO THE BLEACHER. “Holy sh*t” chants from the crowd. Each man killing each other with light tube shots. Eventually the action spills back into the ring…Ryan goes for a suicide dive…Veidt home run swings two tubes at once into Ryan’s face. Veidt sets Ryan up onto four chairs for an apron attack…this time Ryan tosses a bunch of tubes into Veidt’s face. Ryan goes for a DVD…Veidt blocks it…he picks Ryan up in a fireman’s carry…ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THROUGH SEVERAL CHAIRS AND TUBES. He rolls Ryan back inside the ring for a cover…Ryan is able to sneak a shoulder up. He grabs a door that’s lined up with light tubes. He picks Ryan up in an electric chair drop…Ryan shifts his weight…release German suplex. Ryan uses a bat covered in forks to open Veidt up even more. Ryan powerslams Veidt onto several broken tubes. Ryan climbs to the top…leg drop misses! Veidt takes advantage…tube shot to the head. He sets up two in the corner and launches Ryan right through them. Axe bomber lariat from Veidt nearly wins it…Veidt with a brainbuster. Ryan kicks out again. BLOOD EVERYWHERE. Ryan with a buckle bomb and a tiger bomb, but Veidt with an adrenaline burst…he sends Ryan through the table with tubes to score the victory.

Orin Veidt wins by pinfall

Brief intermission to clean up the ring. Highlights from Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport plays during the break.

Jimmy Lloyd is out for our next contest. He battles Alex Colon.

Jimmy Lloyd versus Alex Colon

Tie-up. Colon with a takedown Knuckle-lock applied. Lloyd wins the exchange, then locks in a wristlock. Colon forces him to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Colon and Lloyd both grab light tubes…Colon connects with a shot across Lloyd’s face. Lloyd traps Colon with a tube behind him…Northern Lights suplex! Colon is barely effected. Fight spills to the outside…Colon jams a broken tube into Lloyd’s mouth. Seconds later Lloyd grabs another tube and opens Colon up. Colon whips Lloyd into the crowd. He drives Lloyd into the ring post, breaking a tube in the process. Colon sets Lloyd up in a series of chairs…he runs from the other side of the ring…meteora!

Back in the ring Colon places a door in one corner, and a series of tubes in another. He whips Lloyd but he Lloyd slows up…Colon charges…he misses and goes through the tubes! Lloyd with a roll-up…two count! Colon fires back with a corner dropkick, and yes he did break yet another light tube. Colon sets Lloyd on the top rope and goes for a superplex…Lloyd escapes…he grabs Colon in a torture rack…BURNING HAMMER ON TOP OF MORE TUBES. A rare exchange of strikes in the center of the ring…Colon unleashes a wild flurry of elbows. Lloyd curses Colon, then breaks three tubes off of Colon, who answers back by sending Lloyd through the door. Draping DDT by Colon…Lloyd kicks out. He sends Colon to the outside…suicide dive from Lloyd! Action moves back to the ring…Lloyd catches Colon in a firemans carry…DVD into tubes. Lloyd puts Colon in a seated position…he PK’s three tubes into his head. Lloyd gets Colon on top for a superplex…Colon shoves him off…Lloyd responds by throwing five tubes at once…TOP ROPE DVD FROM COLON SENDS THEM BOTH THROUGH BARBED WIRE TABLES. Lloyd escapes the pin…tombstone but it has no effect on Lloyd. Meteora from Colon…top rope double-stomp…it’s over.

Alex Colon wins by pinfall

Another brief break to clean up the ring. (There were light tubes in the last match if you didn’t catch that before.) Crew brings out more doors covered in barbed wire, as well as light tubes. Commentary jokes that the next matchup is probably not Orange Cassidy’s.

John Wayne Murdoch is out for his bloodbath against Markus Crane.

John Wayne Murdoch versus Markus Crane

Crane and Murdoch trade fists on the outside to start. Murdoch puts on a boxing glove covered in tacs…Crane blocks the punch and smashes Murdoch with a plastic sheet. Murdoch picks up a ping pong paddle and uses it on Crane. Door shot to Crane’s head. Crane doesn’t stay down long…he hits Murdoch with a tube, then follows that up with a tornado DDT using the ring apron as leverage. Crane grabs a hacksaw…HE USES IT TO SLICE MURDOCH’S HEAD. Murdoch gets the saw and opens up Crane. Pinata has been brought into the equation…back and forth weapon shots from each man. Crane drives Murdoch’s head and neck into a giant red light tube that he brought out. Belly-to-belly suplex into a door. Cheese grader is used. Murdoch slams Crane through a bed of light tubes. He sets him up on the top rope and places a door with barbed wire beneath them…superplex attempt…TWISTING BRAINBUSTER THROUGH THE DOOR FROM MURDOCH. (They both got hurt bad on that one.) Murdoch stays in pursuit..he goes for a suplex…Crane slams him on top of a sheet of cans. He gets a chair from the crowd. Another. He builds a table with tubes on top of it. Both men on the top rope again…Crane with a crucifix bomb! It’s over.

Markus Crane wins by pinfall

Spoiler…the ring crew needs a few minutes to clean up the ring due to glass, barbed wire, weapons, and broken doors all over the ring.

Orange Cassidy is out next! Fans going crazy. Joey Janela out second. This should be fun.

Orange Cassidy versus Joey Janela

Cassidy and Janela play to the crowd heavily prior to engaging. Janela puts on Cassidy’s jacket, then snatches his signature sunglasses off of his face and puts them on. Cassidy goes to Janela’s corner and puts on Janela’s glasses and his hat. Janela gets angry and tries to grab his glasses back…Cassidy puts his glasses back on OVER Janela’s glasses. Crowd is loving all of this. Cassidy keeps his hands in his pockets…Janela with a superkick to Cassidy’s gut. Big shoulder bump from Janela…Cassidy responds with a lazy shoulder bump of his own. Janela isn’t here to play games…he throws Cassidy to the mat but misses an elbow drop after a fun sequence. Cassidy catches Janela with an arm-drag with his hands still in his pockets. Quick exchange of covers…both men get to their feet and stare each other down.

Janela pulls Cassidy’s hand out of his pockets to shake it. Cassidy puts his and Janela’s hand back in his pocket. Janela with a forearm…Cassidy sends him to the outside…suicide dive from Cassidy! Janela catches him back in the ring with a superkick and brainbuster in succession. Huge chop in the corner from Janela. He wears Cassidy down with multiple Irish-whips. Janela strings together a series of moves that targets Cassidy’s head, including a second brainbuster. Cassidy kicks out again. Janela says that he’s pissed now. He grabs several chairs from the audience…he tosses it at Cassidy for a Van Daminator but Cassidy refuses to catch it! Janela throws another and again Cassidy moves. Cassidy picks up a chair…CASSIDY DOMINATOR. (Slow-motion Van Daminator.) Janela fires right back with another superkick, and yet another brainbuster. Janela goes for a fourth one…Cassidy turns it into a stunner! Suplex by Cassidy with cover…Janela escapes. Cassidy sets up Janela on the top turnbuckle…Janela shoves him off…superfly splash! Pinfall…Cassidy kicks out again. Package piledriver attempt but Cassidy has it scouted…Janela lands a superkick! Another! Cassidy catches the third and hits a drag screw! Superkick by Cassidy. Lariat by Janela. Both men are down.

They end up on the apron…Cassidy with a DDT. He climbs again…Janela meets him up there…super falcon arrow. Cassidy drinks some of his juice…he spits it in Janela’s face…Canadian destroyer! Michinoku driver! Janela stays alive! He picks Cassidy up…TWISTING PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Bad Boy wins.

Joey Janela wins by pinfall

Main event time. OH LOOK MORE LIGHT TUBES. MORE DOORS COVERED IN LIGHT TUBES. Old Mance Warner is out first. The champ Nick Gage is out second. Here we go…

Mance Warner versus Nick Gage GCW World Championship

Tie-up. Gage unloads strikes to start. He grabs a stack of tubes…Warner headbutts him right through them! Cover…close two! Gage throws Warner into the tubes set up near the ropes but Warner avoids an attack and chokeslams the champ right onto several other tubes. He uses a shard of glass to really open Gage up. Brawl into the crowd. Gage slings a few chairs at Old Mancer’s head. Warner gets his hands on a barbed wire baseball bat…her rakes it off of Gage’s face. In the ring…Warner builds a table with tubes attached to it. He keeps Gage down with a tube shot to Gage’s head. He goes to the middle-rope for an elbow…Gage moves and spinebusters Warner through the table. Gage is now irate…tube shot to Warner’s head. Another. FOUR IN A ROW. Warner falls to the corner…running boot. Gage climbs for a Vader bomb…Warner gets the knees up. Gage fires back with a one-winged angel on top of a bunch of glass…Warner gets a shoulder up.

Gage grabs a staple gun…he staples Warner’s tongue to his cheek. Warner with a burst of offense…he goes for a running knee…Gage catches him with a Samoan driver. Back to the outside…Gage grabs his signature MDK door and sets it up…he sends Warner through it. Powerbomb by Gage. Warner refuses to stay down. Running knee connects. Gage kicks out! Warner can’t believe it! Gage with another drive-by kick…this time sending three tubes into Warner’s face. Gage goes under the ring…he grabs a power tool…HE USES IT ON WARNER’S HEAD. Chokebreaker attempt…Warner still fighting back! Huge lariat almost wins it! Two piledrivers from Gage, folllowed by a chokebreaker…champ retains.

Nick Gage wins by pinfall and retains the GCW World Championship

Gage gets on the microphone to call himself the best Deathmatch wrestler in the world as the fans chant MDK.

That’s the show friends.