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Recap of last week's show, when Scarlett Bordeaux's involvement wasn't enough for Fallah Bahh and KM to defeat oVe. Former champion Johnny Impact calls Michael Elgin a meathead, and Tessa Blanchard getting attacked by Glenn Gilbertti, who would win the Knockouts Battle Royal. The main event was Tommy Dreamer against Rob Van Dam, which RVD won. Following the match, the North and Moose attacked RVD and Dreamer, but Sabu would run out to make the save, setting up tonight's six-man tag match, which is opening the show.

Moose is on his way to the ring. Fans chant his name loudly. The North is out next (Ethan Page/Josh Alexander). Tommy Dreamer is out first for the ECW originals, followed by Sabu, then RVD.

The North & Moose versus Tommy Dreamer & Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Dreamer and Page begin. Tie-up. Switching waistlocks...Page connects with an elbow and runs through Dreamer. Dreamer responds with an arm-drag...he tags in Sabu...Page tags in Alexander. Sabu takes Alexander down but the North member shoves him off with his feet. Alexander with a firemans carry...he locks Sabu's arm up...Sabu breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. Sabu applies a single-leg bar...Alexander uses his amateur ground-wrestling skills to escape. Off the ropes...Sabu with a springboard tornado DDT. Alexander tags in Moose. Loud "you've still got it" chants for Sabu. Moose says he wants RVD...Sabu tags him in.

RVD and Moose hype up the crowd by continuously hitting their "name" poses. Eventually they lockup. RVD ducks underneath Moose's grapple...he takes the big guy down with a leg-sweep. Spinning heel kick and arm-drag in succession by RVD. Moose grabs a hold of him but RVD with a head kick. Rolling-thunder/Springboard leg-drop tandem offense by RVD and Sabu. Dreamer back in...he hits Moose with jabs...he goes for the bionic elbow but Moose pulls the referee in its direction. Moose uses the distraction to low-blow Dreamer without the ref seeing.

The heels have the heat as we go to our first commercial break.

Dreamer is still in the ring when Impact returns. Moose is stomping him down...he places a steel chair on top of Dreamer and goes for a rolling-thunder...Dreamer throws the chair at Moose's head!

Neckbreaker! Dreamer crawls over...he makes the tag! RVD comes in hot! Two quick clotheslines to Page (who also tagged in)...split-legged moonsault by RVD lands. Sabu and Alexander are going at it...Sabu whips the chair into Alexander's face. He sets the chair up...running leg-lariat off the chair. The North falls to the outside...Sabu sets up the chair again...tope con hilo! Loud "ECW" chants. Dreamer and Sabu pull out a table...they set Page up...Sabu back in the ring...Alexander cuts him off with a lariat. Dreamer picks him up...DVD. Moose out of nowhere spears Dreamer! RVD with a chair...Van Daminator to Moose!

Back in the ring...Sabu sets up another table. RVD nails Page with a roundhouse...Sabu climbs to the top with a chair...he legdrops Page through the table!

RVD to the other side...five-star frog splash! Cover...got em!

Tommy Dreamer & Sabu & Rob Van Dam win by pinfall

Commentary team hypes up the rest of the night, which includes a street fight between Killer Kross and Eddie Edwards, and another showdown between Glenn Gilbertti and Tessa Blanchard.

Impact World champion Brian Cage cuts a promo. He says he's feeling better, and can begin training again, but he still hasn't been cleared to wrestle. He also calls out Michael Elgin for taking credit for injuring him. Cage says come Slammiversary...he'll be there to face him.

Cut to Killer Kross. He asks fans watching on Twitch to subscribe to help promote change to the wrestling business. He also threatens you if you don't.

Preview for A Night You Can't Mist, featuring the return of the Great Muta, streaming on IMPACT Plus.

Moose is backstage...he says he tried teaming with Killer Kross, then the North, but there's been no advancement. "If you want something done...you've got to do it yourself," growls Moose.

Glenn Gilberrti makes his way out for his intergender bout with Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard is out second. Before the match begins, Gilbertti gets on the microphone. He says to show everyone here that he's not that bad of a guy...he calls Tessa Blanchard one of the most talented wrestlers in the women division, but compares that to being on the Philadelphia Flyers "It doesn't amount to much." Loud boos, as they are in Philadelphia. He then takes a shot at women drivers before calling the women's revolution in wrestling a car crash waiting to happen. Gilbertti ends with..."tonight' I'll be your daddy."

Glenn Gilberrti versus Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard nails Gilberrti with a huge forearm. Mounted punches! Unloads a flurry of strikes...and knocks him out! Cover...it's over!

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall

Elsewhere, LAX and Konnan are hanging out. The Rascalz approach and say that they've been training...LAX asks for what...Rascalz say for their future tag team title match. LAX asks if they're serious and the Rascalz say yes. Konnan jumps in... "I like you're style. You've got your match against the four-time champs LAX." Rascalz politely leave afterwards.


Melissa Santos interviews X-Division champion Rich Swann and his tag partner for the evening, Willie Mack. Swann says that despite all of Michael Elgin's attacks, he and Mack are both still standing. He says that he and Mack will show Elgin and Johnny Impact why they have what it takes. Mack jumps in..."we gonna show you the smoke tonight."

Back in the ring...Gama Singh presents the Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju and Raj Singh) for our next tag contest. They'll be facing The Deaners (Cody and Jake).

The Deaners versus Desi Hit Squad

Cody with an armlock on Rohit. He spears him down and lays into him with mounted punches. Cody tags in Jake...double-team offense from the Deaners...Raj pulls Rohit out to regroup, but Jake takes them out with a suicide dive! Cody picks them both up with Jake back in the ring...top rope dive! Jake targets Rohit...tandem backbreaker from the Deaners. Cody with right hands...he bounces off the ropes but Raj picks his ankle from the outside...Rohit takes advantage connecting with a sic kick. Raj tags in...he stomps Cody down in the Hit Squad's corner. Snapmare and dropkick in succession. Pinfall...Cody kicks out. Back suplex attempt...Cody lands on his feet...he makes the tag to Jake.

Jake takes Raj down with running forearms. Rohit comes in but walks right into a lariat. Jake charges Raj in the corner...shoulder thrust. All four men in the ring...Jake catches Raj with a sidewalk slam. Pinfall but Rohit breaks the pin. Fight spills to the outside...Jake charges Rohit but he moves and Jake strikes the ringpost. The Hit Squad tries to double-team Cody but they collide with each other. Cody with a roll-up...got em!

The Deaners win by pinfall

Preview for the Killer Kross and Eddie Edwards street fight coming up later. We go to another commercial.

Back from break...Michael Elgin is being interviewed. Elgin says he knew that Cage was stupid, and that IMPACT management should just take the title from him and just give it to him. "At Slammiversary, they're going to call you a hearse." Johnny Impact rolls up...he says that he may not be the only one getting a title opportunity, as he is able to cash in his Ultimate-X for a shot at Rich Swann. Impact also reminds fans that he and Elgin will be teaming up to face Rich Swann and the Great Muta on their IMPACT Plus special.

Killer Kross it out first...he's wearing a bullet-proof vest. Eddie Edwards is out next. He rushes to the ring...and here we go.

Eddie Edwards versus Killer Kross In A Street Fight

Kross and Eddwards brawl on the outside. Edwards wins the exchange and tosses Kross into the ring. He sends him right back out...springboard plancha by Edwards. He picks Kross up...back suplex onto the apron! He hits another one. Edwards reaches under the ring...he reveals a trash can and its lid. Kross plays hurt...then catches Edwards with an overhead-belly-to-belly suplex onto the arena floor. He lays into Edwards' face with huge knee strikes. Kross whips Edwards off the ringpost. Edwards mounts some momentum and goes for a suicide dive...Kross meets him at the ropes and smashes Edwards with the trash can. Another suplex from Kross. Back in the ring...Kross goes for a powerslam...Edwards slips behind...blue-thunder bomb onto the trash can!

Edwards has the lid...he cracks it over Kross's head. Another shot. A third. Cover...Kross is out at one. Edwards goes back to the outside and reaches under...he has a ladder! He sets it up in the ring...Kross locks in a cobra-clutch choke! Edwards picks up a pan and uses it to fend Kross off...Kross connects with a big head kick, but doesn't have the strength to make the cover. Kross grabs two chairs and sets them up apart from each other, then places the ladder to create a table. Huge chest kicks from Kross...Edwards hulks up! Big boot... Kross rakes him in the eyes...double-handed chokeslam through the ladder!

Kross screams into the hard-cam "I'M NOT DONE YET." Kross back under the ring...he brings in several more chairs. Kross piles them all on top of each other...he places Edwards on the top for a superplex...Edwards headbutts Kross...he gets position on the top...SUNSET BOMB ONTO THE CHAIRS. Cover...Kross kicks out at the last second. Loud "this is awesome" chants. Edwards sets up two chairs side-by-side...he goes for a tiger-driver...Kross picks him up and drops Edwards off the chairs and onto his head. Kross to his feet...double-chokebomb sends Edwards through the chairs. Doomsday Saito suplex. Kross goes into his pockets and removes black gloves laced with lead. Sandman runs out with a kendo-stick. He nails Kross!

Edwards takes advantage...running knee! Cover...Kross can't kick out.

Eddie Edwards wins by pinfall

Following the match, Sandman hands Edwards his kendo-stick. Edwards drops to his knees and respectfully accepts.

They pose, share a beer, and celebrate with the crowd to end the segment.

Elsewhere, Father James Mitchell aka Sinister Minister blames Rosemary for what happened in the undead realm. Rosemary attacks him!

Main event is next! X-Division champion Rich Swann is out first, followed by his partner Willie Mack. Commentary team announces that both men have recently signed new contracts with IMPACT. Johnny Impact is out first for his team...big Michael Elgin is last.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack versus Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact

Swann and Mack fly out of the ring with tope con hilos to take out Johnny and Elgin. Mack goes after Elgin and Swann and Johnny go at it.


Back from break and Swann and Mack are still in control. Mack nails Johnny with a running cannonball. He goes for the cover...Johnny gets a shoulder up. Johnny slides to the outside...he slaps Mack which causes a chase. Johnny stomps Mack trying to get back into the ring...Elgin tags in...he destroys Mack with a forearm but Mack bounces right back with a flying elbow off the ropes. Swann comes in...double-axe handle to Elgin's back. Swann with a strike combo...he goes for a frankensteiner...Elgin catches him and tries to powerbomb but Swann manages to hit the frankensteiner. Elgin is barely phased...he sets Swann up in the corner...running splash. Second one misses...Swann goes for a suplex...Elgin picks him up instead...Swann uses Elgin's momentum against him...snap-suplex lands. Miscommunication from Elgin and Johnny leads to them colliding heads...Swann with a roll-up...two count. Elgin DVD's Mack into Swann in the corner. Cover...only two. After more miscommunication...Elgin leaves Johnny to fend for himself. Mack and Swann take advantage...cutter...450 splash...it's over.

Willie Mack & Rich Swann win by pinfall

That's the show friends.