Kairi Sane Says Goodbye To NXT, Big E Talks New Day Promos, WWE Stars Caught On Camera (WWE Top 10)

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring WWE Stars caught on camera. The group included The Usos catching Dash Wilder shaving Scott Dawson's back on this past week's RAW.

- Big E spoke with Paste Magazine to promote Adult Swim's Lazor Wulf where he is the voice of Canon Wulf. During the interview, Big E spoke about New Day receiving some more freedom in their promos and how they've been to throw in more pop culture references because of that.


"There's some trust we've been able to earn over the last several years," Big E explained. "It definitely didn't come overnight. That's been really a lot of fun, to develop that trust and add our own input. There's a lot, from Twitter and social media just in general on a day-to-day basis, that we find funny and want to put into scripts and our promos. I think a lot of times WWE [tries] to throw in stuff from pop culture and we've found a lot of those references were dated. We wanted to be kind of the talent that was up to date and talking about the same things that people in their 20s and 30s were talking about at work or wherever, so we've been able to throw a lot of current stuff into our promos over the last several years."


- Kairi Sane is finishing up her final NXT live event appearances after being moved to SmackDown during the Superstar Shake-Up to team up with Asuka. Sane retweeted her friend Io Shirai and wrote, "Even when we're apart, my heart will be with you, Io Shirai. Thank you so much, #NXTWestPalm! And thank you so much, WWE NXT. I won't forget to be grateful, and I'm going to challenge myself to do something new each day."