WWE Backstage Interview Kayla Braxton was able to avoid a scary situation while waiting to be picked up at an airport. Braxton commented on Twitter a man posing as her driver tried to pick her up, thankfully she had heard about this happening and knew not to get in the vehicle.

"Ladies be careful at the airports when picking up Uber or Lyft," Braxton wrote. "There's people tricking woman into thinking they're their ride and abducting them. A guy just tried it with me and I knew immediately what he was up to. Be aware and take all necessary precautions. It's a scary world."

In regards to Uber specifically (although this should mostly apply to Lyft, as well) here are a few tips to avoid being the victim of an imposter.

* Use the Uber app to check the license plate and be sure it matches the actual car.
* Verify the person driving looks the driver's photo in the app.
* Ask the driver who they are picking up, rather than just giving them your name.
* If you're traveling alone, ride in the back seat instead of the front. If there is an emergency you can exit on either side of the car, and it gives both parties more personal space.
* It's also a good idea to share trip details with a friend or family member before getting in the car.