Mick Foley On How Fans Reacted To WWE 24/7 Title Reveal And What They Wanted, His Promo Not Working

As seen above, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke to Cathy Kelley after revealing the WWE 24/7 Title on last night's RAW and said he thinks the title was significant for the company. Foley said WWE is going to try and bring back some of the magic that came with the Hardcore Title.


"I think it was really significant," Foley said. "I remember the element of fun. We called it the Hardcore Title then and there were elements of all that craziness and anger, but it was also a really fun experience and so, I think we're going to bring a little bit of that magic back. There are guys who are always ready, they're already having fun doing it, right?"

Foley admitted that fans in the arena were not happy with the title reveal because he believes they wanted to see the Hardcore Title.

"What's really exciting to me is that it's not just open to the RAW Superstars, it's open to the SmackDown Superstars, 205 Live, NXT, NXT UK, and like I said, maybe a returning Legend. The idea that we never know what's going to happen with the 24/7 belt makes it the element of surprise and a lot of fun, and I think it's something that the fans will... they were disappointed when I didn't unveil the Hardcore Title, you know, but you can't turn back those hands of time. We can introduce something that's new and exciting that has elements of that Hardcore Title. It's fresh and I think people will really be enjoying it in the weeks moving forward," Foley said.


Foley also took to Twitter to respond to comments on the title reveal, one from former WWE and TNA star "The Pope" Elijah Burke.

Pope wrote, "Watched the 24/7 Title announcement w/ @RealMickFoley at least 3 times, can't seem to figure out why the crowd boo'd. Mick's promo was great, had passion & delivery was on point. Even got in the classic "cheap pop." I wonder what made the crowd go sour? Hmmm~PHS #WWERaw #WWE"

Foley responded, "Pope – I think the crowd was hoping for the return of the classic Hardcore Title. Thanks for the compliment, but I felt like I came up pretty short on that promo. No one's fault but my own."

Another fan commented on the fan reaction to the reveal and wrote, "I think the crowd had different expectations as you mentioned but as the night progressed and folks saw the possibilities of the 24/7 rule, they warmed to it. Social media will play a big part to making it special and fun. And you gave it to us! Thanks Mick."

Foley responded, "Yes, I think the audience will begin enjoying the 24/7 aspect pretty quickly. I just wish I had kicked it off with a better promo."

You can see both exchanges below: