Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey helped put female MMA in the spotlight several years ago with their rivalry both inside the Octagon and outside of it. With both having left the UFC, and Rousey now departing from the WWE to start a family wth Travis Browne, Tate believes she is doing what she always does.

"It's very Ronda-esque," Miesha Tate said on SiriusXM (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). "Look, she's not wrong even though it's a bit arrogant, but that's the style that people have appreciated about Ronda. It's not necessarily something I appreciate about Ronda, but when you talk about her legacy this does sum it up in one quote, really. It's that she knows she has value and interest but she also doesn't really give a (expletive) what anybody else wants to hear.

"She's not entirely an open book. She's not there entirely for the fans, selflessly. Ronda has always been about Ronda so it doesn't surprise me. She's continuing to be exactly how she's always been. Again, not wrong, but when I listen to this, she almost sounds emotional. I don't think she's entirely happy with her legacy. The point that Ronda makes about us not deserving to hear it and about the vulnerability, I think that it speaks again to point that she left the sport worse than she entered it."

Tate retired from active competition in 2016 following a loss to Raquel Pennington. She has since signed with ONE Championship in an executive role. Tate and Rousey met for the first time back in 2012 with Rousey scoring a first round submission victory via armbar.

After coaching against one another on The Ultimate Fighter, the two met again in 2013 at UFC 168, with Rousey again earning a win by submission.

"She wants to be the hard Ronda Rousey, the one that was back in 2014," Tate said. "I always said winning is easy. You don't have to make any adjustments. You don't have to make any changes. You're on the top of the world, you're doing great. When you lose, that's when you see what you're really made of."