205 Live’s Mike Kanellis took to Twitter to do a Q&A with fans. Kanellis answered personal questions about his sobriety, what wrestler should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, if he liked WCW or WWE more, his thoughts about Cody Rhodes, his days in The Kingdom, and when he thinks he’ll be back on the WWE Main Roster.

Below are highlights from his Q&A:

When he’s coming back to the WWE Main Roster:

“I don’t know. Not my call. It won’t be for lack of trying.”

Which brand he liked better, WCW or WWE:


Who he thinks should be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Steve Bradley.”

If he enjoyed the Indies or WWE better:

“Both. They both have taught me important questions.”

His reaction about Matt Taven winning the ROH World Championship:

“I was at the HOF when it happened, but when I got back to my hotel room, like a little baby.”

His favorite memory of being in The Kingdom:

“Winning the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Titles.”

His thoughts about Cody Rhodes:


What made him want to keep sober:

“I got sick of seeing my wife crying because of me. Now my wife and daughter keep me sober.”

Kanellis also answered fan questions about if he and Maria would be having another child. You can read the Q&A on his Twitter here.