Salina de la Renta is on the phone while Low Ki does push-ups next to her. She tells whoever is on the phone that she’s executive producing tonight’s episode of Fusion. Low Ki interrupts, he reminds Salina that he’s facing Daga tonight, and they should prepare, since Daga is still angry from getting his ear ripped off. Salina responds by telling Low Ki that she’s trying to conduct business, and that he can worry about his own match. Low Ki is unhappy, but goes back to doing push-ups.

Fusion song is different. It highlights Salina and Promociones Dorado much more.

Rich Boccini and Jim Cornette welcome us to the show. Boccini runs down a laundry list of compliments for Salina, which he is being forced to read. Salina then addresses the camera: “You’ll see why I should have been in charge since the beginning.” Commentary than hypes the evening’s main event…Pentagon Jr against LA Park.

Low Ki makes his way out to the ring first. Strangely, none of Promociones Dorado accompany him. We cut to outside the arena, where Sami Callihan is trying to break into the building. He’s apparently been banned by Salina. Daga is out second…here we go.

Daga versus Low Ki

Brawl on the entrance path to start. Daga tosses Low Ki back into the ring, then takes him down with a ground-and-pound. Daga traps Low Ki in the corner…Low Ki slows Daga down with a thumb to the eye. Huge chop from Low Ki. Daga fires back with a dropkick, then sends Low Ki to the outside with a frankensteiner. Daga charges…suicide dive connects. Daga keeps the pressure on…he clubs Low Ki in the black and rolls him back inside. Corner elbow lands, followed by a basement dropkick by Daga. Pinfall…two count. Suplex by Daga but Low Ki blocks it…he picks Daga up and drops him off the ropes.

Low Ki now in control. Running elbow drop. He stomps Daga’s hand. Now he goes after the left knee, smashing it off the ring post. Low Ki continues to dish out punishment to Daga on the outside. Back in the ring he applies a modified camel clutch. Daga gets to his feet to break the hold…chops from both men. Double-chop from Low Ki sends Daga to the turnbuckles. He nails Daga with his signature corner handstand dropkick. Octopus stretch from Low Ki…Daga turns it into a hip toss. Low Ki doesn’t stay down long…he hits a headbutt, then lays into Daga’s chest with stiff kicks. Daga catches the last one…dragon screw! Low Ki goes for another kick…another dragon screw! Backslide blocked by Daga…more striking…Daga with a lariat. He climbs to the top…double-stomp misses…Low Ki with a corner dropkick! He climbs now but Daga pulls him off! Missile dropkick from Daga…he goes for a DDT…Low Ki turns it into a northern-lights suplex with pin. He uses the ropes for leverage…got em!

Low Ki wins by pinfall

Another promo from Salina. She reveals the competitors taking place in the tournament bracket for MLW’s brand new National Openweight champion. The brackets are:

Gringo Loco versus Alexander Hammerstone in the semifinals
Brian Pillman Jr versus Rich Swann in the semifinals

The winners face each other to crown the first ever Openweight champion.

Footage of Contra Unit’s multiple attacks on MLW heavyweight champion Tom Lawlor is played. Also a reminder that LA Park won Battle Riot and can challenge Lawlor whenever he wants to a world title shot.

Promo from Lawlor. He says that as champion, he has to take on all competitors, and no matter their size, they will all fall to “Filthy” Tom. Montage of Lawlor training with his sparring partner is played.

Cut to Sami Callihan…he’s made it into the building. He sees Ricky Martinez in the hallways and jumps him, clawing at his eyes, and stealing his phone.

El Hijo ed la Park, along with Salina de la Renta, make their way out for the next matchup of the evening. He faces…Gringo Loco.

Gringo Loco versus El Hijo de la Park

Tie-up. Loco with a wristlock. Park reverses the pressure. Chain wrestling sequence…lots of takedowns, counters, etc. Ends in a stalemate. Loud “Lucha Libre” chant from the crowd. Park and Loco get into a shoving match…another fun lucha sequence that shows off the athleticism of both men. They stare each other down. Loco lands the first strike with a kick to Park’s gut. Loco sent to the outside…Park with a springboard frankensteiner. He runs back into the ring…SUICIDE DIVE! They both nearly land in the crowd it had such momentum. Park tosses Loco inside…he whips Loco with his belt. Loco goes up top…Park with an enziguri…he goes for a spanish-fly…Loco with a Samoan driver off the top! Cover…Park gets a shoulder up. Park with a discus elbow, then a code-red…Loco kicks out. He climbs but this time Loco crotch drops him…Loco with a superplex…he turns it into a falcon arrow! Park somehow escapes the pin! Loco goes for a piledriver…Park picks him up…last right’s piledriver! Loco can’t kick out this time.

El Hijo de la Park wins by pinfall

Another promo video from Contra Unit. Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael call out Barrington Hughes, and promise to end his undefeated streak. The match is made official for next week.

Recap of Sami Callihan breaking into the building and attacking Promociones Dorado member Ricky Martinez is shown. Cut to a live feed of Callihan…he yells at the camera man and tells him to film him making a phone call. It’s to Salina…she answers and curses Callihan over the phone. Callihan warns Salina that he has plenty of surprises left in the night.

Main event time. LA Park makes his way out first accompanied by Salina. Pentagon Jr. is out next. Park attacks Pentagon during his entrance. They brawl around ringside. Crowd is hot for this one. Big boot from Park. He slams Pentagon off the ring post. Park picks up the wooden ring stairs and nails Pentagon with them. Action finally moves to the ring.

Pentagon Jr. versus LA Park

Park with his classic strut to the fans delight. He ties Pentagon’s mask off the ropes, then rocks him with a running boot. Like his son from earlier…Park removes his belt and smacks it across Pentagon’s back. Pentagon lands a few right hands but Park kicks out his legs to remain in control. Park sets up Pentagon on the apron…he distracts the referee giving Salina an opportunity to try and rip off Pentagon’s mask. Pentagon pulls her off…he plants a kiss on her! She slaps him! She grabs at his mask again…Park comes in for an attack…he misses and hits Salina. She starts screaming at Park who argues right back. Pentagon with an arm-drag to a distracted Park. Park rolls to the outside…TOPE CON HILO FROM PENTAGON CONNECTS. He gets up and whips Park into the barricade. He starts to chase Salina…then goes after Park again.

Back in the ring…sling-blade from Pentagon. Park dodges a corner attack and catches Pentagon with a release German suplex. Running knee! Cover…Pentagon kicks out. To the corner…Pentagon traps Park on the middle-ropes…lungblower nearly wins it for Pentagon! He goes for the package piledriver…Park with a headbutt and another running knee. Pentagon just gets a shoulder up. Back on his feet…combo from Pentagon…superkick lands flush. Park fires right back with another boot, then suplexes Pentagon into the turnbuckles. Pentagon rolls to the outside…Park to the other side of the ring…SUICIDE DIVE FROM PARK. Action back to the ring…Park to the top rope…spinning heel kick from the top! Park follows up with the spear. That’s all she wrote.

LA Park wins by pinfall

Post-match…Salina gets on the microphone and thanks all of the sweaty fans in attendance for their money. She says that their sponsors have given them a gift that she wants to open in front of everyone. Park and Salina approach the giant sized present…Mance Warner pops out and starts trading fists with Park as the credits roll.

That’s the show friends.