Night nine of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament has come and gone. Both A and B Blocks were in action once again, as Rocky Romero defeated El Phantasmo in the main event.

Here are the results from the show:

* BOSJ B Block Match: Rocky Romero def. El Phantasmo
* BOSJ A Block Match: Dragon Lee def. Titan
* BOSJ B Block Match: BUSHI def. YOH
* BOSJ A Block Match: Taiji Ishimori def. Jonathan Gresham
* BOSJ B Block Match: Bandido def. Ryusuke Taguchi
* BOSJ A Block Match: Shingo Takagi def. Taka Michinoku
* BOSJ B Block Match: Robbie Eagles def. DOUKI
* BOSJ A Block Match: Marty Scurll def. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
* BOSJ B Block Match: Will Ospreay def. Ren Narita
* BOSJ A Block Match: SHO def. Tiger Mask

A Block

* Shingo Takagi (12 pts)
* Taiji Ishimori (10 pts)
* Dragon Lee (8 pts)
* SHO (6 pts)
* Marty Scurll (6 pts)
* Jonathan Gresham (6 pts)
* Tiger Mask (4 pts)
* Titan (4 pts)
* Yoshinobu Kanemaru (4 pts)
* Taka Michinoku (0 pts)

B Block

* El Phantasmo (10 pts)
* Will Ospreay (10 pts)
* Ryusuke Taguchi (8 pts)
* Robbie Eagles (8 pts)
* BUSHI (6 pts)
* YOH ( 6pts)
* Bandido (6 pts)
* Rocky Romero (4 pts)
* DOUKI (2 pts)
* Ren Narita (0 points)

Night ten of the BOSJ continues Sunday, May 26 inside the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall 7. Both A and B Blocks will be in action once again.

The main event will feature SHO v. Taiji Ishimori. Other matches set to take place include Will Ospreay v. Robbie Eagles, Dragon Lee v. Taka Michinoku, YOH v. El Phantasmo, Tiger Mask v. Shingo Takagi, Bandido v. BUSHI, Titan v. Marty Scurll, Rocky Romero v. DOUKI, Jonathan Gresham v. Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Ryusuke Taguchi v. Ren Narita.