Paige Talks Getting Into Acting And Removing A Tattoo, Ronda Rousey Taking A Break From WWE

TMZ Sports caught up with Paige to get her thoughts on Ronda Rousey exiting WWE after her WrestleMania match to focus on starting a family. Paige also talked about her future in acting, now that wrestling is no longer in her future.


In regards to Rousey, Paige felt she did well in her time with WWE and a break from the company is always a good thing. Back in 2016, Paige was gone from WWE for about a year and half due to violating the company's wellness policy / undergoing neck surgery.

"Take some time off, sis, go!" Paige said. "Time is good, I had a lot of time off and it felt great. She's done a great job. She did her time in WWE and she killed it, main-evented WrestleMania, go do your thing."

When asked if she thinks Rousey will return to WWE, Paige was indifferent.

"To be honest, doesn't matter to me," Paige responded. "You do what you gotta do. [Laughs]"

The topic then switched to where Paige is going next now that she can no longer wrestle. Paige noted acting was definitely in her future, as was getting her "Talk S—, Get Bit" tattoo that's on the side of her hands removed.


"I want to go into movies and stuff like that, obviously I can't do the wrestling side of things anymore," Paige said. "Yeah, I hope so. Do that, get tattoo removal, I've got 's—' on my hands, have to get rid of that. That's one of the top things on the list. I feel like I should cover it up though. I'm 26 years old, having 's—' tattooed on my hand is not the best idea."

You can see Paige's full interview in the video above.

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