Paul Heyman recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports to promote tonight's WWE RAW episode. RAW is set to feature Lesnar revealing who he will cash in his Money In the Bank title shot against. Heyman was asked what Lesnar means to WWE in terms of marketability, and how important he is at a time when billion dollar TV deals are being negotiated.

"Billion-dollar TV deals are based on the authenticity and credibility of a brand. Brock Lesnar, as I've said forever, is the only being in history to hold the NCAA Division I Championship, the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and the top titles, whether it's the WWE Title or Universal Title, in WWE. When you take a look at that, there's a reason for it: Brock Lesnar is a once-ever athlete. If Daniel Cormier could be WWE Champion, I assure you he would be. But he can't pull them both off. If John Cena could have been UFC Champion, I assure you he would have been. Be he couldn't pull both off.

"Brock Lesnar can walk seamlessly between those two universes, dominate each of them at the same time if he chooses. And there is no one else on the face of the planet that can make that claim, with the possible exception of Ronda Rousey if she were so inclined. To have someone like this on your roster is something that WWE has in its hip pocket that trumps all. There's no one else out there that can make the claim that they have an athlete the caliber of Brock Lesnar. UFC may have the best MMA fighters in the world, but they can't also be the best sports entertainers. There may be other sports entertainment properties out there, and they can claim to have great in-ring performers, but none that can walk into UFC and become a champion. WWE has the one being on the face of the planet who can do both," Heyman said.

Regarding Lesnar's recent UFC retirement, Heyman said that makes him more available to WWE, if the circumstances are right. Heyman was asked what the retirement means for Lesnar's appeal and marketability, and if it has an impact on his WWE future.

"I think the public is willing to pay to see Brock Lesnar, as long as Brock Lesnar is presented in a manner that entices the audience to be emotionally invested in the story being told," Heyman said. "That's whether it's in WWE or UFC. So, Brock Lesnar's retirement in UFC only makes him more available for WWE if the circumstances are right. In terms of Brock's marketability to the general public, I think the general public has always been aware of what a unique athlete Brock Lesnar is and how rare it is to have the opportunity to see Brock Lesnar in action. It's the equivalent of understanding the greatness of Michael Jordan while he was playing. It's the equivalent of understanding the greatness of a Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb while they were playing. Roger Federer, while he's playing at his peak. Bjorn Borg. People who not only change the game, but dominate in a fashion that no one else could dominate. That's Brock Lesnar. He's not going to do this forever. He's very picky about the box office appeal that he has. So, when Brock Lesnar is willing to appear, it's a magnificent opportunity for any fan to see someone whose appearances are booked out judiciously so that there are only a limited number of times you will have in your lifetime to see Brock Lesnar."

Heyman was also asked about possibly working with other WWE Superstars such as RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch, and who he would like to advocate for if he wasn't working with The Beast.

"We can say 'if, if, if' all day long. I am with Brock Lesnar," Heyman said. "I am exclusive to Brock Lesnar. So, to speculate on someone for whom I would perform my advocacy is mere speculation. We have probably the most talented roster in WWE history, and I can only imagine how badly some of these magnificent Superstars would crave to be represented and advocated for by Paul Heyman. And I applaud them for their taste."

You can read Chuck's full interview with Heyman at this link.