Ring of Honor star PJ Black was recently part of ROH’s column 10 Questions With… During the interview Black revealed the advice he was given by his father, the most extreme thing he won’t do, his favorite wrestlers growing up, and what he would do if he wasn’t wrestling.

Below are highlights from the interview:

The raw advice his father gave him:

“Never bang the Divas.”

While he’s done extreme things like jumping out of airplanes and motorcycle stunts, Black shared the one extreme thing he won’t attempt:

“Have kids. That’s way too extreme for me.”

His favorite wrestlers growing up:

“All the colorful characters from the ’90s. Macho Man, Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Adam Bomb, Papa Shango, Bastion Booger.”

What he would be instead of a wrestler:

“I have a master’s degree in sports science and nutrition, so probably a holistic sports doctor. Or more likely a cult leader. Or maybe an extreme athlete sponsored by NASA. Or maybe all of the above, who knows?”

Black also shared his guilty pleasure, which is baking cakes. You can read the whole interview from ROH here.