Reby Hardy Rips Lio Rush On Social Media

After posting her thoughts on social media, apparently Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, is not a fan of Lio Rush.

"F– that guy," Reby Hardy wrote on Facebook. "He is trash. Always been trash. Trying to bite my tongue, but damn."


When tagged about what she said, Reby responded on Twitter, "He a b—-." No word yet on what the exact issue is between Reby and Rush.

Rush has been in the news as of late due to alleged backstage heat and his issues with WWE. Rush commented on the reports by saying he believes someone is leaking false information to get him released.

Despite the problems, Rush was reportedly offered a new five-year contract, said to be in the range of $300,000. Rush reportedly turned that offer down and asked for double the pay. His current contract expires at some point in 2020. As noted, Rush has been off WWE TV for the past couple weeks and was reportedly pulled from the upcoming European tour.