ROH "War Of The Worlds" Recap (5/8): G.O.D. Defends The ROH Tag Titles, Bandido Vs. Flip Gordon

Welcome to Wrestling INC's coverage of Ring of Honor War of the Worlds, streaming live via and Honor Club. Tonight's event takes place at the Buffalo Riverworks in Buffalo, New York. Feel free to follow along and sound off in the comments. Enjoy the show!


Show opens with a video package showcasing past ROH champions.

Ian Riccaboni and NWA National champion welcome us to War of the Worlds. They hype the evening's main event, which has been changed to Bandido versus Flip Gordon, as well as the rest of the card from top to bottom.

Alex Coughlin is out first for the opening contest. Ring announcer says that he represents the NJPW Dojo. His opponent...PJ out second. They shake hands before the bell.

PJ Black versus Alex Coughlin

Knuckle-lock to start. Black with a takedown and chinlock in succession. Coughlin manages to escape.He traps Black's ankle in a submission, then transitions over to a modified butterfly submission. Coughlin goes for an Indian deathlock but Black gets to the ropes. Headlock by Black. Coughlin bounces him off...huge shoulder tackle from Black. He picks him up...Coughlin lights him up with a big chop. Black responds with one of his own. Back and forth striking. Coughlin wins the exchange and traps Black in the corner. Black quickly switches positions and drops Coughlin with an elbow. Black applies a modified gory special, then shouts at the camera "chop me now!" More chopping from Coughlin...Black slows down his comeback with a saito back suplex. Black in control.


Black stomps Coughlin's hand, then lays into him with a big forearm. Coughlin fires off another chop but Black pounds him to the mat. Another forearm wakes Coughlin up. He hits three more chops...Black off the ropes...Coughlin with a dropkick. Black slides to the apron...sunset flip but Coughlin rolls through...gutwrench suplex with cover...Black gets a shoulder up. Black baits Coughlin into the corner...standing double-stomp. Black climbs for the 450...Coughlin slides away. Black takes Coughlin down with a springboard crossbody...superkick! Black climbs again...MOONSAULT DOUBLE-STOMP. Got em!

PJ Black wins by pinfall

Black and Coughlin shake hands honoring the "code of honor."

The next matchup is announced as the Women of Honor title match. Kate Carney, a local to Buffalo, is out first. The champ Kelly Klein is second.

Kelly Klein versus Kate Carney for the Women of Honor championship

Lights go out. The Allure (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) comes out and kicks Riccaboni off commentary. They're calling the matchup with Cabana.

Match starts with Carney applying a headlock. Klein lands a few elbows but Carney throws her to the mat. Split-leg drop from Carney. Early cover...the champ kicks out. Waistlock from Carney, followed by a DDT. Another cover...Klein kicks out then rolls to ringside to recover. Carney in pursuit...she smashes Klein's head off the apron. Carney sets Klein up on the ring post...Klein moves and Carney hurts her shoulder. Back in the ring...Klein mounts some offense with huge rights and a fallaway slam. Klein tosses Carney into the turnbuckles...she charges...this time Carney moves. Carney hits a basement dropkick. Ground and pound. Carney climbs to the top...Klein meets her up there for a superplex but Carney knocks her off and jumps down. Klein nails a lariat. Attitude adjustment...Carney can't kick out.


Kelly Klein wins by pinfall to retain the Women of Honor championship

Klein hops on the microphone and calls out the Allure. "You three bi**hes wanna fight?" screams the champ. They all head down to the ring from the commentary table, but at the last moment they turn away. Klein poses with the title to end the segment.

Rhett Titus is out next. He flexes on the entrance path, then walks over to join Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary. Rhett calls himself the "Rhett-Express" before the next competitors make their way out for tag team action.

Clark Connors and Karl Fredericks, also representing the NJPW Dojo, are out first. They battle the Kingdom's TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia, who are out second.

The Kingdom versus Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors

Connors and O'Ryan start. Connors with a vicious single-leg takedown. He lets O'Ryan up. Grapple...Connors forces O'Ryan into the corner. O'Ryan snatches on a headlock but Connors breaks the hold with a headscissor. They repeat the spot twice...Connors holds the headscissor on the third time. Back to their feet...high-angle takedown by Connor. He slaps O'Ryan in the back...O'Ryan doesn't like that. He chops Connors but it has no effect. Another. Connors fires off a combo of strikes of his own. Fredericks tags in. He lays into O'Ryan with a big chop. Eventually...O'Ryan tags out.


Marseglia brings Fredericks down and tears at his fingers. Fredericks shows off some nice mat wrestling to tie Marseglia up. Marseglia responds with a slap to Fredericks' face. The Kingdom go for a double-team...Fredericks gets the best of them...big powerslam to O'Ryan. Connors back in. Chop. Another. Double-team by the Young Lions. O'Ryan and Marseglia take advantage of a Connors mistake...double-flapjack onto Connors. The Kingdom wears him down with tandem offense. Connors gets tossed to the outside and Marseglia back suplexes him onto the apron. Back inside...O'Ryan with a lariat. Sleeper hold onto Connors. He breaks free but walks right into a boot from Marseglia. Powerslam and diving headbutt from the Kingdom nearly wins it. Connors musters up everything he has...spear! He tags in Fredericks!

Fredericks comes in hot. He nails Marseglia with a dropkick, then sets up O'Ryan in the opposing corner. Stinger splash onto both. Spinebuster from Fredericks. He transitions right into a Boston Crab. Marseglia punches him in the face...he refuses to break the hold! Pump kick from Marseglia. The Kingdom hit their finisher, the house of 1000 horses, on both the Young Lions for the victory.

The Kingdom wins by pinfall


Some trash-talk by the Kingdom before they leave. They call out NJPW for sending them Young Lions instead of top talent.

Commentary team thanks Rhett Titus for joining them, then Cabana kicks him off.

Hikuleo and Shane Taylor is announced as the next bout. Bullet Club music plays, which means Hikuleo is out first. Big Shane Taylor is second.

Shane Taylor versus Hikuleo

Hikuleo offers a handshake before the match begins but Taylor spits on him. Hikuleo responds with huge blows onto Taylor. He stomps him down in the corner. Taylor pushes him off but Hikuleo keeps the pressure on. He charges but Taylor hits an elbow. Taylor scoots up on the turnbuckles...BIG BOOT FROM HIKULEO SENDS TAYLOR TO RINGSIDE. He quickly throws Taylor back in...another big boot attempt...he misses and gets caught in the ropes. Taylor takes advantage...he lays into Hikuleo's chest with big right hands. Lot of trash-talk from Taylor. He connects with a knee to Hikuleo's head. Taylor bounces off the ropes...Hikuleo with a samoan drop! He follows up with a lariat! He goes for a corner splash...Taylor catches him! Rikishi driver! Cover...that'll do it.

Shane Taylor wins by pinfall

Taylor argues with some fans before leaving.


Next bout is another grudge tag team match. LIJ members EVIL and SANADA are out first. Lifeblood, Tracy Williams and Mark Haskins, second.

LIJ versus Lifeblood

Loud chants for LIJ. Evil starts with Williams. Big kick from Evil. He runs into Williams with a shoulder bump. No one moves. They ram into each other a few more times but neither man gains the advantage. Back and forth strikes. Williams calls for more...Evil with an eye-rake. Shoulder bump takes him down. Evil lets Williams tag out. He brings in Sanada. Huge pop from the crowd.

Sanada and Haskins brawl. Sanada wins the exchange. He goes to tie Haskins up but Williams jumps in. Sanada surprises both members of Lifeblood in the paradise lock! (Only he has the key.) Double basement dropkick from Sanada. LIJ with some tandem offense. Evil works over Haskins...he make a blind tag to Williams...Lifeblood traps Evil in their team's corner. Big elbow and dropkick back-to-back from Lifeblood. Haskins and Williams target Evil's arm with a top rope axe handle. Williams wrenches Evil's arm over his shoulder. Williams goes for a suplex but Evil blocks it. He picks Williams up...Williams lands on his feet.

Sanada tags back in. Snap suplex with pin on Williams...only a two count. Sanada with a powerslam. He rakes Williams back. Williams begins brawling with both LIJ members after getting caught in their corner. Evil drops him with a chop. Evil stays in the matchup and applies an armlock. Sanada back in. He targets Williams chest with more of them gives Williams a burst of adrenaline. He responds with chops of his own. Back and forth chopping. Sanada hits him so hard he bounces off the mat. Evil back in. Irish whip...Williams gets a boot up...he jumps to the middle-rope...fameasser! They both tag out.


Sanada and Haskins explode at each other. Haskins with a takedown and bridging armbar! Evil breaks the hold. LIJ goes for the double team but Haskins catches them with a russian leg sweep/flatliner combo! LIJ rolls to the outside...Haskins with a suicide dive! To the other side and he hits Evil with one! Back in the ring...Lifeblood nearly wins the match with a enziguri/frog splash combo but Sanada kicked out. Sanada takes out Haskins and Williams with a springboard missile dropkick. Evil with corner lariats onto Lifeblood...bulldog and clothesline in succession. Evil picks Haskins up ina firemans carry...Haskins responds with a pump kick...Evil fires right back with a samoan driver! He goes for Everything is Evil...Haskins counters...fireman buster!

Sanada and Williams tag back in and brawl in the center. Williams connects with a discus lariat. He picks Sanada up for the piledriver...Sanada blocks it. He places Williams on the top rope...Sanada goes for a superplex...Haskins blindly tags in...Williams DDT's Sanada off the top! Double-stomp from Haskins! Cover...ONLY TWO. Lifelbood goes for a double-suplex on Sanada....he blocks it! Williams with an ankle-lock onto Sanada! Evil grabs a chair on the outside...Sanada distracts the ref...Evil hits Williams with the chair! Sanada with the roll-up...Haskins breaks the pin! They hit him with the Magic Killer. Magic Killer to Williams...LIJ wins.


LIJ wins by pinfall

Commentary informs us that no matter the outcome of tonight's title match, the Guerrillas of Destiny will face the Briscoe Brothers at War of the Worlds in Chicago. Dalton Castle makes his way out. He's not currently scheduled for a matchup. He takes a seat at ringside. The "Last Real Man" Silas Young and LIJ's RUSH are next.

RUSH versus Silas Young

Tie-up. Rush pushes Young away. Young taunts Rush by saying that he's not a man. Rush responds with a dropkick that sends Young to the outside. Rush in pursuit...running elbow drops Young to the arena floor. Young plays cat-and-mouse with Rush by jumping in and out of the ring. He catches Rush coming back in with a dropkick to Rush's leg. Young tosses Rush into the barricade, then targets the leg. Young gets him back in the ring...slingshot stomps by Young. Big Irish-whip, followed by a huge suplex. Young is in total control in the early going.

Young distracts the ref...then places Rush's head in a chair and slams him off the ring post. Rush is down until the 9 count...then rushes back in the ring and goes nuts on Young. He slams Young off the guardrail several times. Rush picks up a trash can and throws it right at Young's head. Back in the ring...he hits the Bulls Horns dropkick to secure the victory.


RUSH wins by pinfall

Following the bout...Dalton Castle jumps up to confront RUSH, but instead just leaves. RUSH is angry at first, then runs the ropes to land his signature Tranquilo pose.

ROH world champion Matt Taven comes out. He joins Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary to scout out his opponent for tomorrow...PCO. That means that the six-man title match is next. Satoshi Kojima is out first, followed by Yuji Nagata and ROH Television champion Jeff Cobb. The champs, Marty Scurll, Brody King, and PCO, better known as Villain Enterprises, are out second. PCO and Brody King are also announced as the NWA tag champions.

Villain Enterprises versus Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima & Jeff Cobb for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship

Scurll and Nagata begin. Chain wrestling to start. Scurll goes from a hammerlock to a headlock. Nagata with a single-leg takedown. Scurll trash-talks Nagata...then tags in King. Nagata walks to his corner and tags in Cobb. They tie-up. Fun lucha sequence from both men. King hits Cobb with a frankensteiner! They stare down. PCO and Kojima come in. LOUD chants for PCO. PCO and Kojima trade shoulder bumps. Kojima wins the exchange. PCO fires back with a discus lariat that sends Kojima to the outside. SUICIDE DIVE FROM PCO. (He's not human). PCO climbs...Kojima meets him up top...SUPERPLEX. Kojima with the cover...Brody King breaks it up but Nagata comes in and sends King to the outside.


Nagata wears PCO down with kicks before tagging Cobb in. The challengers target the arm of PCO, quick tagging in and out taking aim at it. Kojima cranks the arm several times before applying a disarmer. Nagata wrenches the arm...then knocks King and Scurll off their apron. This gives PCO a chance try and tag out...Cobb tries to stop him but he eats a chokeslam! Scurll tags in! He hits three lariats onto Cobb but gets caught with a forearms on the fourth. Scrull responds with an enziguri that sends Cobb to recover ringside. Brody King jumps in and takes out Nagata, Kojima, and Cobb with a tope con hilo! PCO back up...King back body drops PCO onto the lot knocking them all down again! Loud "this is awesome" chants!

Assisted German suplex by Villain Enterprises onto Cobb. Scurll and King with a cannonball/619 combo. Pinfall...Cobb sneaks out a shoulder. More double-teaming from King and Scurll...Cobb picks them both up with a saito suplex! PCO in...Cobb suplexes him! Scurll charges Cobb...he throws him overhead with a belly-to-belly! Belly-to-belly to King! Nagata comes in. Running boots to Scurll, then an exploder suplex. Scurll shifts behind Nagata...they trade strikes back and forth. Scrull fakes a superkick...superkick to the leg. Nagata catches him off the ropes with an armbar! Villain Enterprises comes in to knock him off. All six-men in now...Nagata takes out Scurll with an exploder from the top rope! Running knee and brainbuster by Nagata...Scurll kicks out! Nagata quickly applies the crossface! It's in deep...Scurll grabs his fingers and snaps them! He calls for the chicken-wing...Nagata with an enziguri! Both men down and trying to tag out.


PCO and Kojima back in. Kojima traps PCO in the corner...KOJIMA with almost 20 chops in succession! PCO's turn now. He hits a series of chops...chokeslam attempt...Kojima with a cutter! Suplex blocked by PCO...PCO turns it into a falcon arrow! Kojima kicks out. Kojima nails the suplex this time. Kojima calls for the lariat...PCO dodges...again he dodges...LARIAT LANDS. Cover...King breaks it up! Action everywhere. Senton backbreaker from Villain Enterprises...PCO climbs...moonsault lands! That'll do it.

Villain Enterprises wins by pinfall and retains the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship

During their celebration...the Kingdom runs out and attacks Villain Enterprises! PCO takes out O'Ryan and Marseglia! Matt Taven jumps in the ring and smashes his title belt into PCO's back. He stands over PCO to taunt...PCO rises up! Taven is so frightened he runs away along with O'Ryan and Marseglia. Villain Enterprises stands tall to end the segment.

Kenny King comes out with sunglasses and his walking stick. He joins Riccaboni and Cabana on commentary as well. King says that the Uber strike messed with his scheduled eye-surgery after the Great Muta damaged them at Supercard. The ROH tag team title bout is next. Jonathan Gresham and former world champion Jay Lethal are out first. The champion Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa) are second.


Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham versus Guerrillas of Destiny for the ROH Tag Team Championship

G.O.D. attacks Gresham and Lethal right at the end of the introductions. Loa goes after Lethal, while Tonga works over Gresham. Loa gorilla presses Lethal onto the guardrail. Action moves back into the ring...Gresham and Lethal knock G.O.D. back to the outside. Tandem suicide dives! They run back in and hit a second pair! Gresham and Lethal focus on Tonga inside the ring...double-dropkick. Gresham with a wristlock onto Tonga. Tonga tries to escape but Gresham rolls him up...two count...Gresham tags in Lethal...eniguri/dragonscrew double team by the challengers. Gresham now goes after Tonga's leg...Lethal hits a running elbow. He picks Tonga up...powerslam. Figure-four attempt...Tonga kicks him into the turnbuckle...big lariat from Tonga! He's finally able to tag out.

Loa comes in and scoop slams Lethal twice in a row. Big leg-drop from Loa. He thrusts his shoulders into Lethal's gut. Tonga back in...G.O.D. bounces Lethal off the ropes...double-dropkick. Tonga with a jumping elbow drop onto Lethal. Quick tag to Loa. Loa allows Lethal to chop has little effect. Headbutt from Loa. He throws Lethal into the turnbuckles, then follows up with a running lariat. Lethal finally tags out. Gresham comes in hot and takes out Loa and Tonga. G.O.D. ends up in separate corners...back and forth strikes by Gresham...Tonga uses his speed to get behind Gresham while Loa smashes him in the corner. Stinger splash by Tonga and G.O.D. is right back in control.


Loa nearly wins the match with a powerbomb but Gresham snuck a shoulder out. Tonga back in...huge forearms knock Gresham off his feet. Gresham pops back up, flips Tonga off, then nails an eniguri. Lethal on the hot tag now. Series of running elbows to Tonga. Second rope...missile dropkick. Lethal combination lands. He climbs for the elbow drop...Loa tries to slow him down but he knocks Loa off the apron. Macho man elbow drop connects! Tonga kicks out. Lethal attempts a powerbomb but Tonga is too strong and back body drops him. Gresham and Lethal fire right back with a superkick/enziguri combo. Loa grabs Lethal out of the ring, allowing Tonga to hit the Tongan Twist. Loa grabs the belts and distracts the ref...Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection...Tonga hits him with the built! Gresham takes out Loa! Gun Stun attempt from Tonga but Gresham turns it into a German suplex with pin! Two count! Off the ropes...Tonga with a Gun Stun outta nowhere. No one kicks out of that.

Guerrillas of Destiny win by pinfall to retain the ROH Tag Team Championship

The Briscoes come out with microphones. Jay Briscoe says that the fans just witnessed the first and only successful title defense of G.O.D. because this Sunday in Chicago they plan on beating the sh*t out of them and taking back the belts. Briscoes get right up in the champs face...they start to brawl but a ton of security and Young Lions separate them.


Main event time. Riccaboni calls this a dream matchup, and one that ROH fans have been asking for since Bandido signed with the promotion. The luchador is out first. Flip Gordon makes his way out second. They show each other great respect before the bell rings.

Flip Gordon versus Bandido

Crowd is split, as both are fan favorites. Tie-up. Bandido shoves Gordon into the corner...he rolls on his back and lets Gordon out. Second tie-up. Gordon shoves Bandido this time...he backflips out and flosses. Crowd didn't like that. Third tie-up. Bandido grabs a hold of Gordon's wrist...both men show off their athleticism with a fun sequence of counters. Bandido shows off with a headstand before taking Gordon down with an around the world frankensteiner! Another fast-pace sequence of counters. Bandido misses a knee strike...Gordon misses a strike...they both go for a dropkick...staredown and stalemate. They shake hands again and reset.

Gordon lands the first big impact move with a blockbuster. He chops Bandido to the mat. Irish-whip and splash from Gordon. Slingshot dropkick and inverted cannonball in succession. Another huge chop sends Bandido to the mat. Gordon sets up Bandido on the top rope...he lays him flat on his back over the top turnbuckle...Gordon jumps off the ropes and superkicks Bandido at the same time. The move knocks Bandido off the turnbuckle onto the arena floor. Gordon in pursuit...he drives Bandido into the apron, then whips him into the guardrail. Back in the ring...Gordon hits a springboard senton. Chinlock applied. Bandido breaks free with elbows but Gordon slows him down with a kick to the gut. Bandido catches Gordon with an enziguri. He jumps up to the top...tornado crossbody! Reverse suplex from Bandido, followed by a shining wizard that sends Gordon to the outside. Bandido off the ropes...tope con hilo! Both men are down on the outside.


Gordon and Bandido just beat the count. Bandido sends Gordon into the turnbuckles hard. He rolls to the outside and grabs Gordon by the legs...he wraps Gordon's knee off the ringpost. Bandido targets the leg, driving a boot into the hamstring. Gordon in a lot of pain. He traps the leg in the ropes and nails it with a running dropkick from the apron. One-armed gorilla press by Bandido...he drops Gordon into an uppercut. Leg sweep takes Gordon down. Bandido charges but Gordon manages to get a knee up. He slides to the apron for a springboard maneuver...BANDIDO WITH A DROPKICK THAT SENDS GORDON FLYING INTO THE BARRICADE. Bandido bounces off the ropes for a suicide dive...GORDON AVOIDS THE DIVE AND BANDIDO HITS THE GUARDRAIL. He picks Bandido up...poison frankensteiner! Both men down. Ref is at 19...again they beat the count.

Strikes back and forth in the center. Both men are on spaghetti legs. Gordon wins the exchange but then runs right into Bandido's moonsault slam! Gordon kicks out! Bandido picks him up...Gordon with a chop...he invites Bandido to strike him back...he obliges. Superkick from Bandido...Gordon slows him down with a sleeper hold. Bandido climbs the corner with Gordon on his back...he propels him forward and Gordon goes crotch first into the ringpost. Bandido picks him up...MOONSAULT SLAM FROM THE TOP. Cover...Gordon kicks out at the very last second. Star spangled stunner by Gordon out of nowhere! Superkick to the back of Bandido's head...another one! Got em!


Flip Gordon wins by pinfall

Lifeblood is out to check out Bandido. Haskins gives Gordon a round of applause. He gets on the microphone and tells the fans to give it up for both men. Gordon helps Bandido to his feet as the fans chant "both these guys." Haskins continues to praise Gordon for his work, wishes him luck at the BOSJ tournament, and offers him a spot in Lifeblood. Gordon gives Haskins a fist-bump, indicating that he'll think about it.

That's the show friends. Thank you for joining our live coverage. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Ring of Honor's War of the Worlds event out of Toronto, and streaming live on and Honor Club.