A recap is shown of Matt Taven becoming the new ROH World Champion at G1 Supercard.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package.

New ROH World Champion Matt Taven makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Taven says that he earned this and that he deserves this. Taven talks about winning the title at MSG and the memory of Matt Taven living on forever. Taven says that he's the only one who can call himself the Undisputed Ring Of Honor World Champion, because he's Matt Taven. Taven says that from here on out, if someone wants a shot at the most prestigious title in wrestling, they will have to earn it.

Flip Gordon comes to the stage. Gordon says that he couldn't help hearing in the back that Taven wants someone to earn their opportunity. Gordon talks about having already earned his opportunity when he won the Sea Of Honor tournament. Taven laughs and says their is a difference between winning a tournament on a cruise when everyone is busy at the bar and winning the big one at Madison Square Garden. Gordon says that he's glad Taven thinks it's funny because he just got done talking to ROH officials in the back and he reassured them that his knee is 100 percent.

Gordon says that with that being said, they let him know that he is the new number one contender for the Ring Of Honor Word Championship. Gordon says that his knee is going to kick 100 percent of Taven's ass.

Highlights are shown of the recent feud between Silas Young and Jonathan Gresham.

Silas Young and Jonathan Gresham make their entrances. 

Silas Young vs. Jonathan Gresham

Young and Gresham shake hands. Young attempts to kick Gresham, Gresham catches his foot. Gresham takes Young to the mat with a headlock, Young gets out of it. Young hits a shoulder block on Gresham. Later in the match, both men exchange several pin attempts. Gresham ducks a clothesline attempt by Young. Gresham hits a DDT on Young. Young rolls out of the ring. Young grabs a chair and the ring bell hammer.

Young puts the ring bell hammer in the back of his trunks. The referee takes the chair away from Young as he gets back in the ring. With the referee getting the chair out of the ring, Young hits Gresham with the ring bell hammer. Young locks in an Abdominal Stretch on Gresham. The referee calls for the bell as Gresham is unconscious.

Winner: Silas Young

A recap is shown of Kelly Klein winning the ROH Women Of Honor World Championship at G1 Supercard before the formation of The Allure (Mandy Leon, Velvet Sky & Angelina Love).

ROH Women Of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein is briefly shown outdoors. Klein talks about how she will clean up the hot mess that is The Allure.

A recap of Dalton Castle attacking The Boys after his quick loss to Rush at the G1 Supercard is shown.

Soberano Jr. & Caristico make their entrance. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) make their entrance.

Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams of Lifeblood are shown outdoors. Haskins talks about Bully Ray taking him, Juice Robinson & Tenille Dashwood recently. Haskins says Ray isn't a bully, he's just a scared little boy. Williams says that before they handle Bully Ray, they have some unfinished business. Williams talks about having recently fought with The Kingdom. Williams talks about taking out The Kingdom next week and how after that they will call out Bully Ray and end this.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) vs. Caristico & Soberano Jr.

Soberano and Mark lock up. Mark locks in a waist-lock, Soberano reverses it into a headlock. Mark gets out of it and takes Soberano to the mat. Mark locks in a headlock, Soberano reverses it into a wrist-lock. Mark hits a snapmare on Soberano. Caristico eventually hits a cross-body on Mark. Caristico pins Mark for a two count. Soberano is tagged in.

Caristico gets Mark up on his shoulders as Soberano hits s cross-body from off the top turnbuckle on him. Jay breaks a pin attempt by Soberano on Jay. Jay sends Caristico out of the ring. Caristico pulls Jay out of the ring. Caristico slaps Jay on the chest. Jay drives Caristico's head into a chair at ringside. Jay sends Soberano into a dropkick from Mark. Jay is tagged in. Jay goes for a neck-breaker, Soberano pushes him to get out of it. Soberano connects with a boot to Jay. Soberano hits the ropes. Jay hits a Death Valley Driver on Soberano before pinning him for a two count.

Jay ducks a clothesline attempt by Caristico. Jay superkicks Caristico. Jay connects with a forearm to Soberano. Mark sends Caristico out of the ring. Mark and Jay hit their Redneck Boogy combination move on Soberano. Jay pins Soberano for a two count. Mark kicks Caristico as he attempts to get back in the ring. Jay hits the Jay-Driller on Soberano. Mark hits his Froggy-bow finisher on Soberano. Jay pins Soberano for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.