Ian Riccaboni, Rhett Titus and Caprice Coleman check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Eli Isom (with Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova) and PJ Black make their entrances. 

Eli Isom vs. PJ Black

They exchange wrist-locks. They lock up. Black locks in a headlock on Isom. Isom sends Black to the ropes. Black hits a shoulder block on Isom. Black hits an arm-drag on Isom. Isom hits an arm-drag on Black. Black sweeps the legs of Isom and pins him for a one count. Isom eventually attempts a springboard, he slips on the rope and flips onto the mat. Black pins Isom for a two count. Black sets Isom on the top turnbuckle. Black hits a Hurricanrana from the off the turnbuckle on Isom. Black hits a springboard 450 Splash from the top rope. Black pins Isom for a two count. Black hits a Moonsault Double Stomp on Isom. Black pins Isom for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

Isom and Black shake hands after the match.

War Of The Worlds is hyped.

Ray Lyn and ROH Women Of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein make their entrances. Lyn grabs a microphone. Lyn informs Klein that she doesn’t like her or respect her. Lyn says that she will never shake Klein’s hand.

Kelly Klein vs. Ray Lyn

Lyn locks in a waist-lock, Klein reverses it into a headlock takeover on Lyn. Lyn eventually connects with a forearm to Lyn in the corner. Klein elbows Lyn. Klein connects with a running boot to Lyn. Klein hits her K-Power finisher on Lyn. Klein pins Lyn for the win.

Winner: Kelly Klein

Klein grabs a microphone after the match. Klein demands respect from Lyn. Lyn shakes Klein’s hand before making her exit. Klein talks about having said that she would be a fighting champion. Klein talks about being proud to represent Ring Of Honor and Women Of Honor and becoming the first two-time WOH Champion at Madison Square Garden. Klein talks about The Allure (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Mandy Leon) deciding to take her moment away. Klein talks about The Allure caring about attention, while she cares about wrestling and Women Of Honor being about wrestling.

Velvet Sky & Many Leon come to the stage. Angelina Love comes into the ring as Klein has words with Sky & Leon. Love connects with a running boot to Klein. Sky & Leon come into the ring. Jenny Rose comes to the ring. Rose and Love exchange strikes. Leon kicks Rose before delivering a DDT. Love draws an A on Rose’s face with lipstick while Leon takes a picture.

Highlights are shown of Dalton Castle attacking The Boys at G1 Supercard.

Dalton Castle makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Castle says that he sees a lot of faces around the room that are looking for answers. Castle calls for The Boys to come to the ring. The Boys make their way to the ring as Castle says that he just wants to make things right. Castle says that what happened at Madison Square Garden was a mistake, it was wrong. The Boys back up as Castle approaches them.

Castle says he deserves that. Castle talks about having been frustrated, and having taken out his frustrations on The Boys. Castle says what the three of them had was something special and he doesn’t want to throw that all away because of a mistake. Castle wants them to move past this and shoot forward. The Boys embrace Castle with a group hug. Castle says that’s exactly what he needed to see and exactly what he needed to feel.

Castle says that what they are looking at is stronger than ever. Castle says that these are no Boys of his. Castle clotheslines one of The Boys. Castle hits a Modified Suplex on the other Boy before powerbombing him as well. Castle hits a German Suplex on the other Boy. Castle takes the masks from The Boys.

The Kingdom’s TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia make their entrance. Lifeblood’s Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins make their entrance.

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia) vs. Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)

Marseglia and O’Ryan attack their opponents right away. Marseglia and O’Ryan roll out of the ring to avoid kicks from Haskins & Williams. Marseglia gets in the ring. Marseglia strikes Haskins several times after a distraction from O’Ryan. Marseglia elbows Haskins in the face. Later in the match, Williams clotheslines O’Ryan. Williams pins O’Ryan for a two count. Williams locks in an ankle lock on O’Ryan.

Marseglia hits a Pump Kick on Williams. Marseglia strikes Haskins to take him off the apron. Marseglia gets Williams up for House Of A Thousand Horses, O’Ryan doesn’t have the strength as Williams escapes. Haskins tags in. Marseglia runs towards Haskins, Haskins pulls the top rope down to send Marseglia to ringside. Williams hits a Modified Cutter on O’Ryan. Williams dropkicks Marseglia through the ropes at ringside. Haskins rolls O’Ryan into a Sharpshooter. O’Ryan taps out.

Winner: Lifeblood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams)

Williams grabs a microphone after the match. Williams talks about taking care of unfinished business and brings up Bully Ray. Williams says that Ray has been a snake in this business. Williams talks about Ray having been a cancer to the company since he got their. Williams says that the only way to get rid of that is to cut it out completely. Williams calls Ray out to face himself and Haskins.

Bully Ray comes to the stage. Ray questions if they are still mad about Tenille without a microphone. Ray calls for Williams to throw him the microphone. Williams throws Ray the microphone. Ray tells Williams & Haskins to go to hell before making his exit as the show comes to a close.