There are rumors of the new WWE title having a 24/7 rule with it.

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be on tonight’s RAW to reveal the new title. Foley’s appearance led to rumors of the return of the Hardcore Title, which also had a 24/7 rule with it, or some sort of Legends Title, but word from WWE is that those rumors are incorrect. @Wrestlevotes reports that the new title will play off the rule where it can be defended anywhere at any time.

“Lots of rumors surrounding the new championship Mick Foley is introducing. Source says it’s not a Legends belt in anyway & not connected to Saudi Arabia. It’s not ‘hardcore’ either, although it’s going to play off the rule where the title can be defended anywhere at anytime,” WV wrote.

This could be a way for WWE to help draw business back to live events, something they’ve been working on, and a way to bring a surprise element back to WWE programming. A 24/7 rule for the new title could also play off the WWE Wild Card Rule that was recently implemented.

Stay tuned for more news on the new title and be sure to join us for live RAW coverage at 8pm ET tonight.