Earlier this month, it was noted on PWInsider Elite WWE has the right to control Superstar Twitter accounts. When new talents sign, they are reportedly told to give their passwords over to people in the WWE Digital Media department, and told not to give the passwords to anyone else. The idea is that WWE needs access to the accounts to push storylines and various campaigns.

Ryback was asked about this report on Twitter and he confirmed it was true.

"Yes, this is correct," Ryback stated. "I chose not sign it after they corralled all talent into a room and told everyone to sign in and turn it in. They attempted to try and corner me several times that day. It's not to post storylines, that's a cover and they can monitor the talent."

Yesterday, Ryback tweeted a photo of one of the legal letters sent to him from WWE in 2016 that demanded he cease using multiple social media accounts, his FeedMeMore website, and the sale of any merchandise that used WWE Intellectual Property.

"This is just one document from WWE where they tried to threaten me to hand over all my Social Media accounts that I created," Ryback wrote. "I have spoke the truth 100 percent on everything and have no reason to lie. Why would a multi billion dollar company need my social media you ask?

Ryback would tweet a few more time to help clarify what WWE wanted and how he felt talent has no control as WWE tries to control them with fear.

"Just to further reiterate the point," Ryback began. "In said document WWE demanded for all social media to be handed over. No mention of just switching the handle names. They wanted possession so I would lose all power and expose them on multiple issues in time. Just to make this clear. ... This isn't now, this is from 2016. You have to understand how they act towards talent. I own everything and it's over. You guys need to see that talent have no control and the environment they create with fear. Some people are missing the entire point of this."