Sam Adonis faced Pat Monix in a grudge match at this past Sunday’s Warrior Wrestling 5 event in Chicago Heights, IL. The video above features the conclusion of their bout, which saw Adonis, the younger brother of Corey Graves, get hit in the eye by a an errant chair shot.

The referee, veteran Robert King, identified how badly Adonis had been injured and attempted to stop the match altogether by ringing the bell and announcing Monix as the winner. Things got a little haywire after that.

After recovering, Adonis pushed the referee out of the way and proceeded to level Monix with some very stiff chair shots. Despite the match seemingly being over, Adonis covered Monix and the ref went ahead and made a two count. There was an announcement that the match would continue and Adonis proceeded to land more chair shots before ultimately getting the victory.

There was initially a heated confrontation backstage between Adonis and Monix in the locker room. Adonis was bleeding profusely from the eye and was under the impression that Monix had been reckless with the chair shot. Adonis was tended to by an on-site medic before being taken to a local emergency room, where he received stitches over his eye.

The Instagram video below shows that the chair to the eye was actually an accident. Monix hit Adonis with a chairshot to the head, and the chair bounced off Adonis’ foot onto his face.

Both Adonis and Monix are now fine and there is no heat over the incident. Adonis sent Wrestling Inc. the photo below displaying his shiner and stitches: