Sami Zayn's AEW Reference On WWE RAW Was Reportedly Scripted

Sami Zayn name-dropping All Elite Wrestling on Monday's RAW episode was reportedly scripted, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. As seen above, WWE edited the line out of the video that they uploaded on their YouTube channel.


Sami was a guest for a new segment on RAW called "Electric Chair", where a wrestler sat in an electric chair while Charly Caruso, Kayla Braxton and Sarah Schreiber took questions from fans in the crowd. After several questions, Sami ripped on the crowd for what he was being asked. Sami said that they could ask him about anything, including about his love life, if he was a good kisser and "even about AEW." The crowd popped for the AEW reference and Seth Rollins' music immediately hit.

The questions in the segment were from real fans, however their questions were screened. Meltzer said a backstage source noted that the AEW mention "was so f–king stupid." Meltzer's co-host, Brian Alvarez, said that he heard from a different source that the line wasn't scripted, however Meltzer noted that the person who he spoke to was in the meeting before the show.


You can hear the name-drop in the Twitter clip below: