Episode 285 of The Jim Cornette Experience was a review of the AEW Double Or Nothing Battle Royal, which during the episode, Cornette said some pretty questionable comments about Sonny Kiss.

Cornette said, “Then here comes Sonny Kiss who apparently got off his day job at the drag-show at the fu—– Tropicana. They’re not explaining any of this. The transvestite or exotico as they would say at AAA.”

Today Sonny Kiss responded to the comments with, “Sometimes, you have to let people’s words and actions speak for themselves. Good & bad. With that being said, I want to thank everyone for their support. As a person who’s been publicly open about their sexuality since childhood, his “attack” was a complete fail. I’m good.”

Many sent Kiss words of encouragement too. Kip Sabin tweeted, “You’re an inspiration to those who matter, Sonny Kiss.”

Luchasaurus also tweeted about the comments, “Jim Cornette can hate on Dinosaurs in wrestling all he wants, I’ve dealt with it for 65 million years. But I have zero tolerance when it comes to hate on the self-expression of my talented friend SonnyKiss. There is no place for homophobia or any of Jim’s antiquated views.”

Below is Kiss’ response as well as the tweets from Kip Sabin and Luchasaurus: