The Elite Team: Cody Heart Of The Mountain is the second children’s book of The Elite Team series published by Trism Books. Written by professional wrestling veteran Cody and illustrated by New Zealand’s Dylan Coburn, Cody Heart Of The Mountain is a story about diversity, inclusion, and teamwork.

Although drawn more from Cody’s interest in the fantasy genre than professional wrestling, Cody Heart Of The Mountain reminds the reader that our differences make us stronger when we work together in a manner that is both light and enjoyable.

The story centers on Cody and his Elite Team pals Adam, Brandi, Kenny, Marty, Matt, and Nick, as they enjoy a camping trip with Cody’s dad, Dusty. When the group finds themselves divided, Cody must rally his friends and show them that everyone wins in a big way when they work together. It really is double or nothing.

Unlike the first Elite Team story, The Elite Team: Young Bucks Stand Tall, which directly references professional wrestling in young Matt and Nick Jackson’s dream of becoming a pro wrestling tag team, Cody Heart Of The Mountain only references pro wrestling indirectly. With that said, there is a lot for pro wrestling fans to like with this offering, including appearances by Cody’s father, the late great Dusty Rhodes, as mentioned above, as well as seeing the antics of The Elite as tasselled up little kids.

The illustrations are eye-catching, bright, and lively. Coburn has really captured the essence of Dusty in his comic book panels. The action is beautifully brought to life with the artwork and there are plenty of colorful and distinct environments or settings for the viewer to be entranced by.

If you are a pro wrestling fan with young children, this is yet another book from Trism Books that you and your family will enjoy, the others being the aforementioned Elite Team series book, Young Bucks Stand Tall, and Wrestling Dreams by current NWA National Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana and Trism Books CEO Erica Weisz. If you are going to be reading to your children, as you should, it may as well be pro wrestling books that teach important lessons about caring, friendship, and following dreams.

Cody Heart Of The Mountain will be available wherever books are sold in July 2019. Preorder your copy of the book here or stop by your local public library to request a copy for the whole community to enjoy.