Velvet Sky Says The Allure Isn't The Same Concept As The Beautiful People

Velvet Sky discussed her new group, The Allure with TV Insider. The Allure made their debut during ROH and NJPW's G1 Supercard on April 6 at Madison Square Garden.

Below are highlights from the interview:

The Allure Being compared to the Beautiful People:

"Everyone keeps comparing The Allure to the Beautiful People. It's not the same concept. Adding Mandy to the group, she is a perfect fit. She looks great. She can definitely hold her own in the ring. We're not doing the Beautiful People 2.0 without Madison [Rayne], which seems to be the consensus that is out there among certain people in the business and wrestling fans as well."

Thoughts on negative reactions from people:

"Lots of haters, subtweeters, group texting, shade thrown our way, jealousy we've seen. It's funny because it doesn't matter to us. It doesn't trigger us at all. We just sit back and say, 'Wow, look at the powerful buzz the three of us have created just by joining forces together' It just makes sense."

How the ROH crowd is different than the Impact Crowd:

"We aren't everybody's cup of tea. That's fine. We're not there so everyone can like us. The Ring of Honor fan base is much different than the Impact fan base because the Impact fan base appreciates that extra entertainment. They are not all about strictly in-ring action. I'm not saying that's bad. To each their own, everybody has their likes, dislikes, flavors."

Ring of Honor needing some "sizzle:"

"Ring of Honor fans seem to be strictly about wrestling and in-ring action and physicality, which is fine because it is a wrestling company after all. But it's not all wrestling all the time when you need to have a little bit of sizzle with your steak. The steak is already there. We're just here to add some sizzle to it."

Being inspired by the Attitude Era:

"There are some fans who do appreciate what we bring to the table. The thing is for me personally, I grew up in the 'Attitude Era.' I grew up with the Torrie Wilson's, the Sable's. The glitz and the glamour girls, which is what inspired me and was my first taste of wrestling. They were the 'hair and makeup' girls. Then they got in the ring and were able to mix it up and not just look good. It's the same thing with The Allure. Just because these are attractive women doesn't mean we aren't going to be able to go out there and kick ass."

Sky also talked about traveling with her husband, Bully Ray. You can read the whole interview here.