WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opened tonight's WWE RAW from Cincinnati and announced a new Wild Card Rule that will see RAW Superstars appear on SmackDown each week, and SmackDown Superstars appear on RAW.

The idea is that 3 SmackDown Superstars "could be invited" to appear on RAW each Monday night while 3 RAW Superstars "could be invited" to appear on SmackDown every Tuesday night. Tonight's RAW saw Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston appear from the blue brand.

There's no word yet on which RAW Superstars may appear on SmackDown tomorrow night in the Wild Card Rule. AJ Styles teased that he may bring two of his friends to SmackDown tomorrow but Vince cut him off and said the invites are not decided on ahead of time.

The Wild Card Rule on tonight's RAW led to two WrestleMania 35 rematches in Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre and Kofi vs. Bryan.

Below are a few shots from tonight's opening RAW segment, which saw Vince brag about being a brilliant genius for thinking of the Wild Card Rule: