Bully Ray Talks About WWE Possibly Being Behind Dean Ambrose's New Jon Moxley Promo

As heard below, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray discussed Dean Ambrose's first post-WWE promo that was released just after midnight when his WWE contract expired last night, under his former ring name of Jon Moxley. You can read all about the promo and AEW speculation at this link.


Ray addressed more non-AEW speculation on the Moxley promo, specifically if WWE could be behind the promo. There have been some fans on social media who believe WWE is bringing Ambrose back as Moxley. There have been no reports on this being the case, but as Ray stated, anything is possible.

"All of the equity that has been built up in the Dean Ambrose name would now be gone," Ray said when asked if WWE would really introduce Ambrose under a name that he used before signing with the company years ago. "He would be basically starting from day one as a new character. New action figures, new t-shirts, new everything. So, what do we do with Dean Ambrose now? They have invested entirely too much money. Now, am I saying that it can't happen? Absolutely not. Because if there's anything I have learned, and I believe we have learned, when it comes to the world of WWE, anything can be done, because it's the world of sports entertainment.


"If Vince McMahon is willing to blow up limousines and turn over tractor trailers, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get Braun Strowman over in a three minute segment, what's to say that he might not decide to scrap 10 years of the building up of a character, and start to do something new? Do I think that's what's gonna happen? Absolutely friggin' not, but we have seen in the past that Vince is willing to spend money to make more money, right?"

Ray said he would be fine with Ambrose returning to WWE TV as Jon Moxley, but they would still be faced with some of the issues that he had with his previous run.

"Here's my problem with the whole situation. If I saw Jon Moxley pop up on WWE TV next week, I wouldn't have a problem with all the money that was spent and the different road they took me down," Ray said. "My problem is, who the hell is he going to work with? Because at the end of the day, if you put a tuxedo on a pig, it's still a pig. I'm not calling Dean a pig, but it's the same thing wrapped in a different suit.

"What's he gonna do, feud with Roman? Feud with Seth? Feud with Ricochet? I mean, what we saw last night was so new, it was so fresh, it was so different, it was invigorating, it was entertaining. My God, the amount of re-tweets and likes this guy got overnight. And here we are, on a Wednesday, when we normally would talk about SmackDown Live, and we're taking about Mox. To think he's going to go back there, I'm not on-board with that."