WWE NXT Superstar Rachael Evers (Rachael Ellering) took to Twitter today and said she was hit by a drunk driver while driving home from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando today.

Evers said the accident was a hit and run, but she is alright.

"Let me start by saying this: I am ok. I was hit by a drunk driver today on my way home from the PC. Hit and run. I'm extremely thankful it was my passengers side that was hit. Some people aren't so lucky-please DONT DRINK AND DRIVE," she wrote.

Evers also noted that she ran after the man to take photos of him and the car.

"Side note: as he drove off, I ran after him and got the best pictures of both his plates and face. I love a good cardio challenge," she wrote with the photos, seen below.

You can see her full tweets below, along with a reply from her boyfriend Kassius Ohno and WWE referee Jessika Carr: