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UK theme plays. (Dusted by the Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Brooklyn, New York. The two-man commentary team hypes the main event between Jordan Devlin, and new United Kingdom champion WALTER.

Travis Banks is on his way to the ring for the opening matchup. He faces…Mansoor.

Travis Banks versus Mansoor

Tie-up. Banks with a takedown. Mansoor tries to power to his feet but Banks powers him back to the mat. Eventually the referee breaks it up. Banks also wins the second exchange applying a wristlock, followed by an armlock. Mansoor shows off his athleticism then slaps Banks in the face. Banks fires back with a series of strikes and running dropkick. Kicks to Mansoor’s leg. He climbs to the top…Mansoor pushes him off to the outside! Mansoor follows him out. Huge chop from Mansoor. Banks lands one of his own. Fight shifts back to the ring…vertical suplex by Mansoor with cover…Banks escapes. Modified sleeper applied…Banks breaks free and begins unloading kicks onto Mansoor in the corner. Banks traps him in the middle rope…running dropkick sends Mansoor to ringside. Banks to the apron…PK! Back in the ring by Banks…suicide dive under the bottom rope! Loud NXT chants from the crowd!

Back in the ring…Banks goes for an enziguri…Mansoor ducks and catches Banks with a reverse suplex. Banks just gets a shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Clubbing forearms from Mansoor. He taunts Banks before slapping him the face again. Banks is able to land the enziguri this time. Kiwi crusher! That’ll do it.

Travis Banks wins by pinfall

Promo from Xia Brookside. She’s at the UK performance center and says that she plans on training everyday until she’s the best in the division. She tells the WWE Universe to prepare to fly with Brookside!

Highlight package of Ilja Dragunov…making his debut soon.

Promo from Nina Samuels. She calls herself a leading lady, and criticizes division champion Toni Storm for being less than that. She warns Storm that she will soon dethrone her and take her place. She’s tearing pedals from a rose while talking.

Piper Niven is out next for our second bout. Her opponent…Reina Gonzalez.

Piper Niven versus Reina Gonzalez

Tie-up. Both women are very powerful…stalemate. Second tie-up. Gonzalez forces Niven into the corner, pulling at her hair in the process. Referee separates them. Niven with a headlock. She hits Gonzalez with a shoulder bumb but it has no effect. She goes for another one but Gonzalez pulls her from the hair again sending Niven to the mat. Slight back and forth…Gonzalez stomps Niven down in the corner. Irish-whip and a drop toe hold in succession from Gonzalez. She tears at Niven’s face then applies a neck crank submission. Niven gets to her feet and breaks the hold with elbows…she goes for a suplex but her back gives out. Gonzalez takes advantage…she ties Niven up on the ropes using her hair! Knee to Niven’s neck on the ropes. Niven surprises Gonzalez with a school boy roll-up that sends her to the outside. Both women are down.

Brawl in the center of the ring. Niven lands a series of axe handles. Running crossbody! Senton! Gonzalez kicks out. Niven with an inverted Michinoku driver…that’ll do it.

Piper Niven wins by pinfall

Cut to a promo from earlier in the day from Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan. They call the Grizzled Young Veterans cowards for walking out of their tag match from a couple weeks ago, and look forward to proving to them that they belong by taking the titles away from them.

Gallus warns the UK roster that next week’s show is in Glasgow, and that they plan on staging their comeback on home turf. Mark Coffey ends by saying that “Glasgow IS Gallus.”

A Twitter message from General Manager Johnny Saint is read by commentary. He announces that next week’s NXT UK main event will be the Grizzled Young Veterans facing Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan again…and this time…the tag titles will be on the line.

Main event time. The “Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin is out first, followed by the champion, WALTER. Here we go.

WALTER versus Jordan Devlin non-title match

Devlin moves fast, hitting Walter with a leg kick before sliding to the outside. He takes his time coming back into the ring attempting to throw Walter off his game. Walter rag-dolls him across the ring but Devlin rolls right back to ringside. Finally Walter traps him in the corner…chop misses. Devlin fires off three quick chops of his own then runs again to the outside. Forearms from Devlin…Walter with a rear naked choke attempt…Devlin escapes and bounces off the ropes…HUGE BOOT BY THE CHAMP slows Devlin down. He ties him up in the ropes…first chop lands and it’s thunderous! Walter applies a double-wristlock, then transitions into a crossface. Walter drops a knee into Devlin’s midsection. More strikes, followed by another crossface by Walter. He picks Devlin up…double-underhook suplex! Devlin’s momentum takes him to the arena floor. Walter in pursuit…he goes for a back suplex onto the apron…Devlin lands on his feet. PK attempt…Walter catches him and gorllia presses him into the ring! Upon entering…Devlin traps Walter’s leg in the ropes and lays into it with kicks…dragon screw! Walter’s leg is hurt. Leg kick brings Walter down!

Walter got busted open at some point, as blood appears on his nose. Devlin continues to target the leg. Single-crab by Devlin right in the center. Walter eventually breaks the hold. Huge senton from the champ! Devlin with more leg kicks…Walter catches one…HUGE CHOP (MY GOD). ANOTHER ONE. Devlin goes to the middle-ropes…Walter puts him on the top and slaps Devlin’s poor chest again. German suplex from the champ nearly wins it but Devlin gets another shoulder up. Powerbomb attempt by Walter…Devlin turns it into a code sunset flip! Two count! Both men are down with loud “UK” chants from the crowd.

Another huge chop from Walter. Devlin bravely fires back. Back and forth from both men. High angle suplex by Walter. He climbs for the splash…enziguri from Devlin. He tries for his signature Saito suplex but drops him. He picks Walter up…Saito suplex lands! Walter gets a shoulder up. Devlin goes for it again…Walter with a powerbomb and stacked pin! Got em!

WALTER wins by pinfall

While WALTER is celebrating…the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne’s music hits, and out the former champ comes. Dunne gets into the ring microphone in hand. He screams…”GIVE ME MY REMATCH.” WALTER nods in approval, then poses with the title.

That’s the show friends.