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Assistant to to Johnny Saint announces that a Fatal-Four way matchup will take place in four weeks to determine a new #1 contender to the NXT United Kingdom championship, with qualifying bouts beginning today. The Takeover title rematch between WALTER and Pete Dunne is announced for two weeks.

Intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. They hype the evening’s main event, which is the Grizzled Young Veterans defending the NXT UK tag team championship.

Moustache Mountain make their way to the ring for our opening contest. They will face…The Hunt. (Wild Boar and Primate.)

Moustache Mountain versus The Hunt

Bate begins with Boar. Takedown from Bate. He quickly tags in Seven. Seven goes after Boar’s arm but then gets shoved into the Hunt’s corner. They double-team him. Primate comes in…Seven lays into his chest with a chop. Another. Primate is barely fazed. Chop to Primate’s leg by Seven…DDT sends him to the outside. He regroups with Boar…Seven out of nowhere with a suicide dive! He tosses Primate in and climbs…Boar with the distraction…Primate jumps up…arm-drag off the top! Seven is down and the Hunt is in control.

Primate and Boar continue to work over Seven. Arm-submission from Boar. Seven breaks the hold, then lands a huge backhand chop. He goes for the Seven-Star lariat…Boar ducks…in comes Primate…tandem offense from the Hunt. Primate whips Seven into the corner…running lariat connects. Seven is finally able to make the hot tag to Bate. Bate comes in hot…frankensteiner onto Boar. Running uppercut and a second-rope uppercut in succession. Huge belly-to-belly from Bate…standing shooting star. Boar kicks out. “Big strong boy” chants by the crowd. Bate picks up Boar and gives him the airplane spin! He tosses Boar onto an incoming Primate. Seven tags in…double team maneuvers from Moustache Mountain. Seven sets Boar up for their finish…Boar manages to evade it. Assisted German suplex by the Hunt onto Bate. Seven breaks up the pin at the last second. All four men are down. Moustache Mountain picks up the win with a German Suplex/uppercut combo.

Moustache Mountain wins by pinfall

Backstage footage of Amir Jordan being helped by Kenny Williams to the medical area is shown. (Sounds like an attack by the Grizzled Young Veterans.)

Joe Coffey with Gallus makes his way out for a qualifying matchup to enter the Fatal-Four #1 contenders bout. He’ll be facing…Flash Morgan Webster.

Joe Coffey versus Flash Morgan Webster

Coffey tosses Webster across the ring. Hometown crowd of Glasgow fully behind Coffey.He locks Webster in a headlock. Webster manages to escape and use his speed to apply a headlock of his own. He goes for a takedown but Coffey is too strong. Big shoulder tackle from Coffey. Webster fires back with a running arm-drag. Dropkick and enziguri in succession. Senton by Webster with pin…Coffey escapes with ease. Webster goes to climb the turnbuckle…Coffey pulls out his leg and he crashes hard. Coffey with repeated Irish-whips….butter-fly swing suplex. He targets Webster’s head and neck with a full-nelson. Webster tries to battle out…Coffey keeps it locked in. Crucifix pin form Webster…Coffey kicks out. Webster bounces off the ropes and takes the big guy down with a running crossbody. Fight spills to the outside. Webster back in quick…tope con hilo! He throws Coffey back in…middle-rope moonsault. He climbs again…Coffey gets the knees up! Discus lariat! Coffey advances.

Joe Coffey wins by pinfall and advances to the Fatal-Four Way

Following the matchup…Gallus joins Coffey in the ring. They say that Glasgow is their kingdom. Joe Coffey promises that he’ll win the Fatal-Four way, and show everyone why Gallus runs NXT UK. Wolfgang angrily calls out Dave Master, but the Coffey brothers calm him down and pose to end the segment.

Footage of Pete Dunne training at the UK Performance Center is played. Clips of his loss to WATLER are spliced in, as Dunne prepares for their big rematch in two weeks.

Ad for Money in the Bank.

Nina Samuels is out next for women’s division action. Kasey Owens is out second.

Nina Samuels versus Kasey Owens

Samuels opens things up with a kick to the gut. She stomps Owens down in the corner, then ties her up in the ropes for a back-stretch. Big dropkick from Samuels. She goes for an early cover…Owens gets a shoulder up. Samuels with a modified chinlock. Owens breaks free and hits a flurry of kicks. Running double-knees from Owens. She goes for a PK…Samuels ducks…she catches Owens with a tilt-a-whirl- backbreaker. Samuels climbs to the top…Owens avoids it but Samuels rips her down by her hair. Firemans carry neckbreaker…Owens stays down.

Nina Samuels wins by pinfall

Samuels is interviewed immediately after the matchup. She’s asked about Toni Storm. Samuels says she admires Storm’s work and sacrifices to become the top of the card, but reveals that Storm abandoned her family to do it. She promises that Storm’s reign will eventually end, and they’ll be all she has left.

Dave Masters is interviewed backstage. He talks about his qualifying matchup with Wolfgang next week and says that he will smash Gallus’s kingdom to bits. Kay Lee Ray jumps in and shoos Masters off. She issues a warning to Nina Samuels, and says that she is just waiting for her moment to become the top face of the division.

Announced for next week…Ligero versus Jordan Devlin in a qualifying match for the Fatal-Four way. Masters and Wolfgang is also made official.

Main event time The tag champions make their way to the ring. Zack Gibson grabs a microphone and reveals to the crowd that Amir Jordan is injured. (Wonder who could have done that.) He says that due to this injury, no tag title match will take place tonight. He tells the crowd to grab their belongings and head home.

Williams comes out and says that Gibson and Drake are right…Jordan is injured and he can’t compete. “But you better believe that there is gonna be a title matchup tonight,” says Williams. “You’re lucky I’ve got other mates.”

Noam Dar comes out! Huge pop from the crowd! Here we go!

Grizzled Young Veterans versus Kenny Williams & Noam Dar for the NXT UK Tag Championship

Brawl to start. Williams and Dar win the exchange and knock the Veterans out of the ring. Bell officially rings…all four men going at it. Fight spills to the outside. Drake and Williams square off, while Dar goes after Gibson. Dropkick from Dar to Gibson in the ring. A flurry of uppercuts, followed by a Northern-Lights suplex. Dar with the pin…Gibson escapes. Drake tags in…double-dropkick by the Veterans. They take out Williams on the apron, then target Dar’s knee with some tandem offense. Gibson wears Dar down with strikes…Drake back in. He levels Dar in the gut with a chop. Stomps to Dar’s head. Williams recovers and gets to the tag corner. Dar tries to tag out but Drake chop blocks him and drags him to the Veteran’s corner.

Dar lands a back elbow to drop Drake. Williams is about to tag in…Gibson out of nowhere pulls him off the apron before the tag can be made! Drake clubs Dar over the neck…Dar with a shin kick. He finally makes the tag! Williams with quick offense on Drake and Gibson. He mounts Drake and lays into him with fists. Williams drives Drake’s head into the turnbuckles with a bulldog. He climbs…flying knee to Gibson. Wrecking Ball dropkick to Gibson on the outside! Drake grabs him…Williams turns it into a tornado DDT. Cover…Drake just gets a shoulder up. Firemans carry from Williams…Drake shifts his weight and rolls to the outside. Williams with a springboard senton to the outside! He takes out the champs. Back in the ring…Williams with a top rope elbow to a standing Drake. Two count! Dar and Gibson back in. Gibson drops him with a kick to the gut but Dar fires right back with a leg kick. He locks in the knee-bar! Gibson manages to tag out to Drake, who jumps in and stomps Dar down. They go for their tag finisher…Williams pulls out Gibson…Dar traps Drake in the kneebar! He’s in trouble! Gibson goes to make the save…Williams ties him up in the Kneebar! Crowd going nuts! Gibson somehow punches Dar in the face…they don’t let go! Gibson pushes Williams onto Dar to break the submission. All four men are down.

Drake picks up Dar…inside cradle! Two count! Drake transitions into a single-leg crab! Dar’s got the bad knee…Williams out of nowhere with a pump kick to knock Drake off. Gibson and Williams are legal…rebound lariat from Williams! Gibson responds with an enziguri! Williams with a reverse sunset bomb with pin…GIBSON JUST GOT A SHOULDER UP! Dar sets to charge…Drake pulls him out and wraps Dar’s knee around the post. Williams alone…Drake hits him with a running corner dropkick. Spinebuster and 450 combo. Champs retain.

Grizzled Young Veterans win by pinfall to retain the NXT UK Tag championship

Gibson and Drake celebrate and stand tall.

That’s the show friends.

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