WWE NXT UK Results (5/15): Wolfgang Faces Masters In The Main Event, Devlin Versus Ligero, New Debut

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NXT UK theme plays (Dusted by the Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. They hype the evening's card, which includes qualifying matches for the Fatal-Four way number one contenders matchup that began last week. Jordan Devlin battles Ligero and Gallus member Wolfgang faces the massive Dave Mastiff in the main event.

Piper Niven makes her way to the ring for our opening bout. Her opponent...Jaime Hader is already in the ring.

Piper Niven versus Jaime Hader

Tie-up. Hader with an armlock. She claws at Niven's face. Niven powers out and locks Hader in a sleeper hold. Hader pulls at Niven's hair then slaps her in the face. She taunts Niven but eats a headbutt in return. Flying crossbody from Niven. Hader crawls to the corner...Niven with a cannonball. Niven picks Hader up...Michinoku driver. That'll do it.

Piper Niven wins by pinfall

An interview with NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm from earlier in the day is played. Storm says she never had a problem with Nina Samuels, but when she called out her family she made it personal. Storm is even willing to put her title on the line to shut Samuels up, and admits that she wants the matchup more than ever.

Commercial for Money in the Bank.

Johnny Saint's assistant is asked about the Pete Dunne and WALTER title rematch...Kassius Ohno interrupts him. Ohno wants to know why he wasn't involved in the qualifying matches for a future title shot. The assistant tells him that he'll speak to Mr. Saint, and they'll have an answer for him next week.

Ligero is out next for his qualifying bout against Jordan Devlin.

Ligero versus Jordan Devlin Fatal-Four Way qualifier

Tie-up. Devlin grabs the wrist for the early advantage. Ligero shows off his athleticism and breaks the hold, then takes Devlin down with an arm-drag. Test of strength...Devlin kicks Ligero in the gut and pins him to the mat. Ligero gets his shoulders off the mat by bridging up...Ligero rolls him up...two count. Devlin off the ropes...Ligero launches him with his feet. Dropkick sends Devlin to the outside. Ligero to the ropes...slingshot plancha! He tosses Devlin back into the ring for a pinfall...Devlin kicks out. Big kick to the face from Ligero. He lays into Devlin with stiff forearms. Devlin surprises Ligero by pulling him to the outside and whipping him into the barricade. Back in the ring...Devlin nails a backbreaker and has taken control of the matchup.

Devlin knocks Ligero to the mat with a running reverse elbow. Ligero fires back with a three hit combo ending with a spinning gut kick...Devlin slows him down with a uranagi. Standing moonsault by Devlin win pin...Ligero sneaks a shoulder out. Devlin keeps the pressure on...dropping knees onto Ligero's gut and tying him up in a modified abdominal stretch. Ligero manages to get to his feet but Devlin stays in control with another backbreaker. Ligero musters up a comeback...middle-rope missile dropkick. Ligero nearly wins the match with a crucifix pin. Superkick lands flush from Ligero. He climbs for a splash...Devlin gets the knees up and cradles him...two count! Devlin to his feet...powerslam. Devlin to the top..moonsault...Ligero gets his feet up! Devlin is rocked but luckily he falls to the outside.

Back in the ring...Ligero goes for a springboard maneuver...Devlin knocks him off and goes for a suplex...Ligero slips under and hits a sit-out powerbomb! To the apron...springboard splash connects...Devlin escapes the pin! Ligero calls for the tornado DDT...Devlin catches him in a saito suplex! Got em!

Jordan Devlin wins by pinfall and advances to the Fatal-Four Way matchup

Post-match, Devlin is interviewed in-ring about his victory. Devlin says the match shouldn't have even happened because he is already the number one contender. He then calls out Joe Coffey, and whoever else qualifies, that everyone always falls to the Ace.

Video package highlighting the new NXT United Kingdom champion WALTER. WALTER says he doesn't know what pressure is, because he knows how to deliver. He calls his matchup against Pete Dunne at NXT Takeover New York very difficult, but he craves the competition. He reveals that he's giving Dunne a title rematch because Dunne was man enough to challenge him face-to-face. WALTER also says that he's prepared to face Dunne at his best.

Moustache Mountain is interviewed asking their thoughts on the title rematch between Pete Dunne and WALTER. Bate wishes his fellow British-Strong Style mate luck, and hopes he becomes champion again. Trent Seven jumps in saying that he wants a tag title rematch against the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Jack Starz makes his way to the ring for our next bout. He'll be facing a debuting Ilja Dragunov.

Jack Starz versus Ilja Dragunov

Tie-up. Dragunov traps Star arm and whips him into the corner. Running lariat connects. He smashes Starz off the turnbuckle and stomps the little man down in the corner. Huge chop drops Starz to his knees. Dragunov charges...Starz gets the feet up then lands a few forearms. Dragunov is barely effected...he clubs Starz to the mat. Two more running corner lariats land...then a huge haymaker decapitates Starz. Dragunov to the apron...he rolls-through and connects with another lariat. He calls for his finisher...Starz with a dropkick! Cobra-clutch locked in! Dragunov escapes...huge chop and senton in succession. Torpedo uppercut...and that'll do it.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

Mark Andrews and Noam Dar are interviewed backstage. Dar says that he's looking forward to their rematch next week because he wasn't happy with how the last one concluded. Andrews agrees, and the two shake hands.

Another women's division matchup is announced. Killer Kelly comes out first. She'll be facing...Xia Brookside

Killer Kelly versus Xia Brookside

Tie-up. Kelly with an early takedown. Brookside bounces to her feet and fish-hooks Kelly's face but Kelly brings her down to the mat with a wristlock. Brookside uses the ropes to flip out of the hold...headlock from Brookside. Kelly traps her legs around Brookside with a headscissor. Eventually they reach a stalemate. Second tie-up. Brookside with a headscissor this time. Kelly impressively rolls through. Both women to their feet...they shake hands.

Jinny's music hits. She points to the entrance path... Jazzy Gabbert is here.

Math is ruled a no-contest

She walks to the ring...Kelly and Brookside look like they're going to team up but Kelly leaves Brookside to fight Gabbert off herself. Gabbert grabs Brookside by the throat...Dominator. She stands tall to end the segment.

Preview for Bret Hart and Tom Magee match, only on the WWE network.

Tweet from general manager Johnny Saint is shown. He grants Toni Storm her matchup against Nina Samuels. It will be in two weeks...and the NXT U.K. women's championship will be on the line.

Main event time. Dave Mastiff is out first, followed by Wolfgang. Gallus joins him for his entrance, but leave shortly after. Here we go.

Dave Mastiff versus Wolfgang Fatal-Four Way qualifier

Tie-up. Mastiff applies an early headlock. Wolfgang bounces him off...Mastiff takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Mastiff catches a crossbody from Wolfgang and powerslams him to the mat. Crowd heavily behind Wolfgang. Mastiff with a waist-lock...Wolfgang backs him up into the turnbuckles. Irish-whip...Wolfgang ends up in the middle-rope...big uppercut takes Mastiff down. Wolfgang ties Mastiff up in a full-nelson. Mastiff attempts to break free but the Gallus member is able to keep it locked in. Eventually Mastiff snapmares Wolfgang over...senton connects! Wolfgang right back to his feet...he pounds Mastiff down in the corner. Wolfgang to the top...double-axehandle. Wolfgang picks him up...firemans carry slam! He climbs again...swanton misses. Mastiff takes advantage...flying crossbody. German-suplex from Mastiff into the corner. Mastiff has him set up...running cannonball. Wolfgang can't kick out.

Dave Mastiff wins by pinfall and advances to the Fatal-Four Way matchup

As soon as the match is over...the Coffey brothers run out and attack Mastiff. They hold him down so Wolfgang can hit the Swanton. Gallus stands tall with the crowd on their feet.

That's the show friends.