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Flashback to NXT Takeover New York, when WALTER dethroned Pete Dunne to become the new United Kingdom championship. Preview of tonight's title rematch between the two in Glasgow.

NXT UK theme plays (Dusted by the Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT U.K. from Glasgow. The Kiwi Buzzsaw Travis Banks makes his way out for the final spot in the Fatal-Four Way qualifier. He faces...Joseph Conners.

Joseph Conners versus Travis Banks Fatal-Four Way Qualifier

Tie-up. Banks with a waistlock takedown. Conners gets to the ropes to break the hold. On the second tie-up Banks takes control with a wristlock, then takes Conners down with an armbar. Action picks up after Conners talks a little trash...running basement dropkick by Banks. Conners is able to land a shoulder thrust to Banks gut but Banks fires right back with a kick to Conners' chest. Fight spills to the outside, where Conners drops Banks onto the steel steps. He tosses Banks back in the ring and stomps him down in the corner. Off the ropes...huge headbutt to Banks' midsection. Back elbow from Conners. He follows up with scoop slam. Early cover...Banks kicks out. Vertical suplex attempt from lands. Conners slows Banks down with a chinlock but the crowd rallies him back into it. Banks creates separation...he charges Conners in the corner...Conners double-foot stomps him into the mat.

Banks is able to mount a comeback with a flurry of strikes. Conners charges him in the corner but Banks hits a shink kick that sends Conners into the turnbuckles. Conners to the outside...Banks with a suicide dive under the middle-rope! He brings Conners back inside...Conners to the apron...slingshot bulldog. Conners nearly wins the match with a sunset powerbomb into the corner but Banks kicks out at the last moment. Another suplex attempt...Bans cradles him! Two count! Both men with a series of nearfalls. Conners decapitates Banks with a huge lariat. Conners with more jaw-jacking...Banks catches him with a jumping enziguri. Kiwi-crusher...and that'll do it.

Travis Banks wins by pinfall and advances to the Fatal-Four Way matchup

Post-match, Banks is interviewed about earning his spot in the number one contenders bout, and what he feels his chances are. Banks says it doesn't matter if you're a bomber, an ace, or Gallus..."The Kiwi Buzzsaw will be the new number one contender."

Cut to a promo from Nina Samuels. She says that Storm was the easiest puppet to manipulate in her latest masterpiece. "She played right into my hands." Samuels goes on to say that she's in 100% control, and that she didn't even need to ask for a title opportunity...Storm just gave it to her. The match is made official for next week.

Flashback to two months ago, when Noam Dar and Mark Andrews did battle on NXT U.K. television. During the match...Andrews fell onto Dar's knee while attempting a poison frankensteiner, and was unable to continue. Andrews was also stretchered out with a knee injury, which brings us to today's rematch.

Mark Andrews makes his way out first, followed by the Scottish Super Nova.

Mark Andrews versus Noam Dar

Andrews offers a handshake...Dar accepts. Tie-up. Dar pushes Andrews into the corner...referee breaks the hold. Second tie-up...Andrews bounces Dar off the ropes...nice sequence of counters and strike attempts from both men ends in a stalemate. Andrews lands the first offense with a headscissor and a standing moonsault. Dar avoids a flying crossbody, then dizzies Andrews with his spinning backslide pin. Dar forces Andrews into the corner...huge forearm from Andrews. He goes for an enziguri but Dar catches him in an ankle-lock! Andrews escapes...Dar with a pump kick. He goes for the shining wizard...Andrews had it scouted and lands a huge head kick. Big combo from Dar...suplex attempt gets turned into a stunner. Tope con hilo from Andrews takes Dar out! Dar favors his leg...he goes to the ref...ref asks if he can continue. Dar says yes but then collapses on an Irish-whip attempt. Andrews helps him up out of respect...Dar was playing possum and nails him from behind! Shining wizard em!

Noam Dar wins by pinfall

Backstage...the Grizzled Young Veterans are asked about Moustache Mountain's challenge to them. The champs say that the fans, nor the wrestlers make the matches, and they'll have to earn their opportunity just like everyone else.

Preview for NXT Takeover XXV.

Rhea Ripley comes to the ring for a promo. She plays the crowd and says that she's not going to compete in action tonight. She calls out Piper Niven, and says that Niven's a wannabe superstar who reeks of fear. Ripley berates Niven for just trying to be like her, and warns her that if she steps into the ring with her..."Nightmares become reality."

Backstage Kassius Ohno grabs a cameraman and brings them into General Manager Johnny Saint's office. Saint is not there, but Sid Justice is. Justice says that next week Kassius Ohno will get the opportunity to prove that he's the best British Wrestler by facing 205 Live's Jack Gallagher. Ohno is pleased with the decision, and tells Justice that he appreciates the opportunity.

Pete Dunne and WALTER are both seen preparing backstage. Main event is next!

Commercial for WWE shop.

The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne makes his way to the ring first. The champion WALTER is out second. Here we go.

WALTER versus Pete Dunne for the NXT United Kingdom championship

Tie-up. Dunne tries going after Walter's fingers much like he did in New York but the champ has them taped up. Some technical grappling sees Dunne bring the big man down with a wristlock. He goes to stomp the fingers...Walter moves and goes for a big chop...Dunne ducks and falls into the corner to regroup. Stalemate to open. Grapple. Walter with a side-headlock takedown....Dunne gets to his feet and bounces Walter off the ropes. Nice sequence of counters...Walter goes for a big boot...Dunne catches his leg and connects with a dragon screw sending Walter to ringside. Dunne in pursuit...Walter is right there and meets him with a big chop. Another one. He goes for a third but Dunne ducks and Walter strikes the ringpost! He targets the hand, slamming it off the steel steps. Dunne slides into the ring to break the count, then goes back to the outside...BIG BOOT FROM WALTER. Shotgun dropkick sends Dunne into the barricade. He places Dunne on the steps and chokes him with his foot.

Walter climbs back in the ring...he meets Dunne at the apron and goes for a clubbing strike...Dunne grabs the fingers but Walter drops him with a chop before he can do any damage. Walter wears Dunne down with strikes and cranks back on his neck with a modified camel clutch. Both men to their feet...striking exchange...Dunne knocks Walter down with a single-forearm! Dunne stringing together offense now...running enziguri. He climbs to the middle rope...dropkick to Walter's knee. He applies a kneebar! Walter breaks the hold and goes for a German suplex...Dunne lands on his feet...PK! He traps the champ in the octopus stretch...crucifix bomb with pin! Walter gets a shoulder out. Dunne double-stomps Walter's hands...he goes for the Bitter End...Walter nails him with a huge lariat. Boston crab from Walter. Dunne manages to escape...he traps Walter in another submission going at his fingers...Walter gets a foot on the ropes.

Both men on the top rope...Dunne puts on the triangle-choke...Walter goes to powerbomb him but Dunne turns it into a frankensteiner! Cover...Walter kicks out. Dunne lands a leg kick...Walter responds with a chop to Dunne's back. German attempt from Walter...Dunne switches behind and hits one of his own! Walter right to his feet...lariat! He climbs...Dunne catches him with a forearm...Bitter End! Dunne immediately into a submission! Fabian Aichner is out...he puts Walter's foot on the ropes. Ref sees Aichner and gets distracted...Marcel Barthel nails Dunne with the U.K. title! Walter picks up the pieces...powerbomb...that'll do it.

WALTER wins by pinfall to retain the NXT United Kingdom championship

Following the match, WALTER, Aichner, and Barthel all pose over a fallen Dunne.

That's the show friends.