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Recap of last week's NXT U.K. main event, when WALTER defeated Pete Dunne in their Takeover title rematch thanks to the assistance of Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Show ended with this newly formed faction standing over an unconscious Dunne.

NXT U.K. intro. (Dusted by the Astroid Boys)

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT U.K. from Glasgow. Lights in the arena go out...and the champ appears along with Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Crowd boos as they enter the ring for a promo. Barthel gets on the mic first. "We are here to lead you to a better NXT UK. We are here to raise our flag, and restore the honor and the professionalism of our sport. We are the ones to lead, and we are the ones who hold true power." Aichner is next. He says that Pete Dunne only moved this division so far, and that British-Strong Style has expired. "Now the responsibility lays in our hands." WALTER pipes in. "From this day forth, we shall be known as Imperium."

Pete Dunne has heard enough and comes out. Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven) is with him! They head to the ring for a showdown...brawl ensues!

Dunne goes after WALTER...Bate pushes Aichner into one of the camera men. The feed cuts in and out. McGuinness and Joseph say that they need to restore some order...feed goes out because of the chaos, and the screen goes black to end the segment.

Commercial for WWE Network.

Back from break...commentary says that they've never seen anything like that break out before. They cut backstage to General Manager Johnny Saint's assistant, who announces a six-man tag match between Imperium and British Strong Style in two weeks time.

Gallus is out next for our opening contest. It'll be tag action featuring Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. Joe Coffey enters with them, but leaves shortly after. They'll be facing the pairing of Carlos Romo and A-Kid.

Gallus versus A-Kid & Carlos Romo

Wolfgang explodes out of the corner and splashes Romo. He throws him into his team's corner and tags in Coffey. Coffey rag dolls Romo across the ring a couple of times. Romo in the corner...running uppercut by Coffey. Romo slows the big man down with a roll-up, then makes the tag to Kid. Kid connects with a few strikes onto Coffey but Coffey chokeslams him. Wolfgang back in...running senton lands. Kid trapped in Gallus's corner...quick tandem offense. Coffey comes back in and wears Kid down with a modified cobra-clutch. He switches to a full-nelson, swings Kid, then slams him to the mat. Coffey misses a knee drop, giving Kid a chance to tag out. Romo comes in but eats a lariat. Enziguri/powerslam combo by Gallus...that'll do it.

Gallus wins by pinfall

Xia Brookside is interviewed backstage. She addresses Jinny bringing in Jazzie to attack her two weeks ago, calling Jinny a bully to the likes of Rhea Ripley.

Preview for NXT Takeover XXV

Promo from Joseph Conners. He calls out Ilja Dragunov, and says that he's ready to face the hard-hitting Russian whenever he feels brave enough to step into the ring.

Footage running down the four men participating in next week's fatal-four way number one contenders bout: Challengers are Joe Coffey, Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff, and Travis Banks.

Backstage, NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm is preparing for her title defense later this evening.

Kassius Ohno is out for our next matchup. He'll be battling 205 Live's Jack Gallagher.

Kassius Ohno versus Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Ohno takes Gallagher down to the mat with a wristlock. Gallagher uses a headstand to break the hold...Ohno pushes up to the ropes and the referee makes the men reset. Gallagher ties up Ohno in a waistlock but the Knockout Artist picks Gallagher's ankle and twists it in a submission. Gallagher with another fancy escape. Ohno takes Gallagher down again with an ankle-lock, then switches position to add pressure on the shoulder. Gallagher manages to apply a headscissor onto Ohno...who slowly slides out with style to the crowd's delight. Fun grappling sequence that sees Gallagher snatch on a headlock...Ohno shifts and gets a single-leg crab onto Gallagher. Gallagher escapes and goes after Ohno's fingers with joint manipulation. Ohno powers out and rings his arm for another takedown. They reset again.

Knuckle-lock...Ohno wins the exchange pinning Gallagher's shoulder's to the mat. Gallagher kicks out...then tosses Ohno with a monkey-flip. Gallagher charges..Ohno ducks...Gallagher lands his signature headstand spot in the corner. Gallagher goes to the mat and invites Ohno for another technical battle but Ohno frustratedly boots Gallagher into the head. Ohno begins unloading strikes onto Gallagher. Pinfall...Gallagher is out at two. Modified kneebar by Ohno...Gallagher builts up steam and nails Ohno with a series of right hands. As Gallagher is getting up Ohno drops him with a big boot. Ohno goes for a rolling elbow...Gallagher headbutts Ohno's arm. Dropick. Gallagher targets the arm...he takes Ohno down with an armbar! Ohno is in trouble...Gallagher switches to a triangle hold...Ohno fading...he gets to his feet and goes for a powerbomb...Gallagher with a headbutt! Ohno looks dazed but instead falls into a senton on top of Gallagher. Back and forth striking. Gallagher with an uppercut...Ohno fires back with discus elbow...he goes for the pin...Gallagher's foot is under the ropes but the ref doesn't see!

Kassius Ohno wins by pinfall

Piper Niven is interviewed backstage. Niven says that action speak louder than words, and if Rhea Ripley wants to fight...then she's ready. Elsewhere, Nina Samuels prepares for her title match.

Commercial for WWE Ride Along

Recap of the opening of the show, when Imperium and British Strong Style brawled all over the ring. Their six-man tag match is made official for two weeks. Also reminder that the Fatal-Four way number one contender's matchup is next week.

Main event time. Nina Samuels makes her way to the ring first, followed by champion Toni Storm. Here we go.

Toni Storm versus Nina Samuels for the NXT U.K. women's championship

Tie-up. Storm pushes Samuels into the corner...ref pushes her away and they reset. Second tie-up Storm goes for a snapmare...Samuels carthweels out, then snatches on a headlock. Storm escapes and tosses Samuels again and again Samuels cartwheels away. Storm drops Samuels with a kick to the gut that sends her to the outside. Series of uppercuts by the champ...early pinfall...Samuels escapes. Storm forces Samuels into the corner again but the ref has to separate them...Samuels takes advantage with a big boot. She mounts Storm and unloads a flurry of right hands. Submission from Samuels...she cranks at Storm's head and neck.

Storm gets back to her feet and lands a few strikes but Samuels drops her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Storm builds up momentum...German suplex. She goes for the Storm Zero...Samuels has it scouted...Storm instead ties up Samuels in an STF. Fight spills to the apron...Storm goes for her finisher on the apron but Samuels drops her back into the ring. Big headkick and springboard splash. Storm kicks out of the pin attempt. Firemans carry...Storm drops off...massive headbutt connects. She picks Samuels up...another German suplex. Samuels with a cradle out of nowhere...two count. Samuels with a backbreaker. She climbs to the top...Storm meets her up there...Samuels pushes her off...missile dropkick nearly wins her the match. Storm snaps off two snap suplexes...Storm Zero...champ retains.

Toni Storm wins by pinfall to retain the NXT U.K. women's championship

Storm celebrates and the crowd is on their feet.

That's the show friends.