You may have noticed how WWE did not upload any YouTube videos from last night’s RAW episode until late in the show. This was done as a way to potentially help combat the drop in ratings, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The current plan is to cut back on the amount of uploads to YouTube during the RAW and SmackDown episodes. The feeling is that uploading videos as matches and segments happen on TV is potentially hurting the ratings.

WWE usually uploads clips from RAW and SmackDown matches shortly after they happen on TV, but that was not the case last night. WWE started uploading the first clips from last night’s show late into the third hour. All clips from last night’s RAW were uploaded within an hour of the show going off the air, which isn’t far from how they usually do it.

The big difference last night was that there were no YouTube clips from the show while it was still airing on the USA Network, until the final hour. While WWE is changing their policy on YouTube uploads, at least for now, it looks like things will not change on Twitter. WWE uploaded photos and videos as usual on Twitter last night with content going up as it aired on TV.

As noted, WWE is currently facing pressure to bring the ratings back up from NBCUniversal (USA Network) and Fox. This is part of the reason why Vince McMahon introduced the Wild Card Rule last night. You can read our updated backstage report on the pressure from NBCU and Fox by clicking here.