New WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and said now was the right time in his career to win the title.

"I think it's been me proving a statement," the leader of The Undisputed Era said. "When I first came in to NXT, the focus was on the fact that I've formed and started this group called The Undisputed Era. About halfway along that journey, Roderick Strong joined the picture. I think now, more than ever, I've proven my worth to NXT. I've proven what I'm capable of. I've proven that I can be a main event guy in any city across the country for NXT and I think I've proven that it was my time to become the champion.

"I think, actually, going off what you were saying, I think it's a big reason so many supporters were out for me in Connecticut to become the NXT champion because those fans feel like it's been my time coming. Like you said, It was only a matter of time before I became the champion and they felt like TakeOver 25 was that moment. I agree with them. I feel like the moment was perfect. I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm happy that I won the NXT championship when I did and I'm ready to make this run as special and as memorable as I possibly can."

Regarding the black & yellow brand and why it's so special, Cole praised the NXT fans and said the relationship between the fans and Superstars is unlike anything he's ever seen. Cole was asked why NXT is such a special place from his point of view.

"What I think is going on is, again, now in an age where the nuances of professional wrestling are so respected and viewed at in such a positive light, I think NXT fans are some of the most hardcore and die-hard fans and these people who tune in love it. They've followed so many guys' careers even before they made it to WWE or before they made it to NXT and they've seen so many of our journeys to getting to this point. The relationship I feel between the NXT superstars and the NXT fans is unlike anything else I've ever seen before. These fans want us to succeed. They want the shows to be exciting. They want the shows to be awesome, so in turn, they go and have an incredible time and then our job as the NXT superstars is to give them the absolute best show that we possibly can. I think the biggest thing, without question, is the relationship between the wrestler and the fan and that's why these shows come across as being so special and so memorable," Cole said.

Cole wrestled around the world for almost 10 years before signing with WWE, but now he has access to two of the most popular wrestlers in the world - WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Cole was asked about the biggest differences for him as a talent since joining the company. He talked about picking the brains of the DX leaders, and said they have been very influential in the current version of Adam Cole that we're seeing.

"I'll tell you, getting to learn and pick the brain of guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H and just learn how they think and how they process wrestling has been totally invaluable," Cole said. "Like you said, at that point, I had traveled the globe for a decade honing my craft and learning based on experience and picking the brains of other people. But then coming into this system and getting to learn from two of the all-time greats has been just awesome.

"Again, kind of my mindset, my mentality, the way I approach things, these are guys that have been wrestling in main events on television for years and years at such a high level. Obviously, you have no choice, but to pick certain things up or learn certain things that you didn't know before you got here and that's been so helpful. Without question, Shawn Michaels and Triple H have been two very influential people in this current Adam Cole that you see."