Adam Page Gives Injury Update, Jake "The Snake" Roberts (AEW Fight For The Fallen Recap)

Below are highlights from the first episode of The Road to Fight for the Fallen:

* Nick Sobic, Vice President of Business Operations, talks about how AEW President Tony Khan has been coming up with the idea for the promotion for at least three years, but probably longer than that. Sobic says this is a venture that was initially debated about, if it was worth the time and effort, but after seeing the success of Double or Nothing the answer seems validated. Sobic comments about the shooting that happened in Jacksonville last August, saying it really touched a lot of people's lives, and was a major reason Fight for the Fallen was put together.


The Victim Assistance Advisory Council (VAAC) is a panel that comes together to decide on where donations for gun violence will be best fit. He says all of the proceeds from the show will be focused to not only victims of gun violence, but preventative measures, as well. Sobic said fans ask him a lot how they can help and he always tells them to just buy a ticket, enjoy the show, and again, notes all of the proceeds are going to be donated.

* Brandi Rhodes trains for Fight for the Fallen where she'll take on Allie. We see footage of the two wrestlers working in the ring.

* A clip from Being the Elite is shown of MJF training with a very bad "carbon copy" of Adam Page. Page says he saw the clip and one, "If you don't like horses, well, f— you," and two, his "bum knee is at one-hundred percent." The two will meet in a 4-Way Match along with Jimmy Havoc and Jungle Boy.


* Clip shown of Cody talking to Dustin Rhodes after their match at Double or Nothing where Cody asked him to be his partner against The Young Bucks. Tony Schiavone comments about how that moment really brought out the emotions in the crowd that night. Jake "The Snake" Roberts says he knows tag team wrestling, and hates it, because he didn't trust anyone. He says with tag team wrestling you trusting someone with your life, "you trust them to set you up, but not let you down, that's tag team wrestling."

Schiavone says after everything the Rhodes brothers have been through the trust is there, and it's unlikely anybody will break it. Robert and Schiavone talk about the talents of Matt and Nick. Tony says if Cody and Dustin can keep the Bucks grounded, they have a good shot at winning, but if it's a fast paced match, that could not work in their favor. Roberts says he sees the crowd being very divided over this match.