At AAA’s Verano de Escandalo event this past weekend, Aerostar was stretchered to a local medical facility after landing predominantly on his head and shoulder during a massive dive from the light fixtures above the arena. As you can see in the video below, Aerostar is caught by a fellow performer during the dive but the momentum sends his shoulder and head slamming in to the floor below.

Shortly after the incident, AAA used the Twitch chat room to apparently confirm that Aerostar was going to make a full recovery from his injuries. He then tweeted some posts of his own, signifying that he had full use of his fingers and hands.

The Google translation of his post reads: “I will be totally honest with you is a very difficult flight to make but not impossible?. I promise to improve it, I’m going to give you the aesthetic you deserve. A flight that by height can not be practiced but I promise you that I will make it.”

Since sending out a personal post, AAA’s Twitter page has also sent out the following update concerning Aerostar’s health:

“We have a medical report: After what happened with Aerostar in Verano De Escándalo we want to inform you that the Cadete del Cosmos is in good condition and will be under medical observation to rule out complications. #ÁnimoAerostar “

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments on Aerostar’s health. You can read the full tweets below: