AEW Fyter Fest Results: Jon Moxley's In-Ring Debut, Young Bucks And Kenny Omega Team-Up

Welcome to the Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of the AEW Fyter Fest from the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Buy In pre-show live coverage will begin at 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT and the main card starts at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT. Wrestling Inc. will have a WINC Podcast right after the show finishes up, as well!

The event will stream for free on B/R Live. The Buy In will also be streaming on AEW's YouTube channel.

SCU vs. Private Party vs. Best Friends (Winner advances to All Out for a shot at a first round bye in AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament.)

Trent and Kassidy get things going, Trent with a shoulder block, sending Kassidy to the mat. Chuck tags in, hits his own shoulder tackle much like Trent did. Kazarian tags in now, Quen tags in now, Kazarian drops the high flyer with a big lariat and sends him into Scorpio's boot. He tags in, hits a big backbreaker on Quen. Trent tags in and goes to work with Scorpio. Kazarian already back in, hits a big slingshot kick on Trent in the corner, cover, two. Back and forth strikes, Kazarian hits the ropes, Quen tags himself in and hits a big slingshot crossbody on both guys in the ring. Quen then lays out everyone from the other team. Inverted atomic drop/kick combo straight into a double stomp to the back of head. Quen nearly gets back body dropped out of the ring, Kassidy is able to bounce Quen back in and he hits a tornado DDT on Kazarian.

Kassidy then hits a moonsault off the second rope out to the floor and takes out the other wrestlers. SCU and Best Friends regroup and pair off on each member of Private Party. On the floor, Best Friends hit a delayed double suplex on Kassidy. Kazarian with an assisted tornado DDT on Quen on the floor. He had been wearing his shades this entire time and they finally fall off. Kazarian puts them on for a moment and tosses them. Best Friends able to get some momentum in the ring and are able to embrace with a hug, big pop from the crowd.

Chuck works over Kassidy, snap suplex, cover, two. Trent tagged in, hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Chuck in there now, dropkick, pin, two-count. Trent with eat defeat, but Kassidy returns fire with a spinning enziguri. Trent tagged in and knocks Quen off the ring, Kassidy gets to hit corner, but no partner. He ends up tagging in Kazarian. Kazarian clears out the Best Friends then slingshots Kassidy back in for a cutter, hits another on Chuck. Trent with a nice tornado DDT off the turnbuckle. Tries for another, Kazarian shoves him away. Quen boots Kazarian in the back of the head, tags in and hits a huge shooting star press on Trent, cover, two! Crowd thought it was over.

Kassidy trying to fight off SCU, gives a high pitched "Let's go!" and SCU ends up destroying him, cover, two. SCU trying to finish him off, Kassidy shoves Scorpio into Kazarian, who gets stuck on the top turnbuckle. Quen climbs to the top, Trent comes in and looks for a german suplex, Quen lands on his feet! Quen with a hurricarana on Kazarian straight into a cutter by Kassidy, cover, and Scorpio breaks it up. Trent and Chuck blast Kassidy with a kick and knee. They look for strong zero, hit it on Kassidy for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Best Friends via pinfall to receive All Out match for a shot at a first round bye in AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament.

- Post match, Dark Order is on the big screen and say they want the Best Friends in their first AEW match. The lights go out in the building and the Dark Order's minions have surrounded the ring. Lights go out again and they're gone with the Best Friends still standing in the ring.

- Backstage, Matt and Nick Jackson are worried about the show. They say they are bleeding money and it's too bad they couldn't make a documentary about what's going on. They realize the cameras watching them and then talk about all the things going wrong with the show: bad food, no tents, kiddie pools. Kenny Omega shows up, The Young Bucks they don't even have their gear. Omega says they have new gear on the way this second and it'll all work out. Matt says their new gear is great, but it blew through half the budget and now they can't afford half the models on the stage. Two are taken to the back and two mannequins in bikinis are put in their place.

- "The Librarians" Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are on the stage now, Avalon was hanging out in one of the tents. They exchange some words with each other, Avalon suddenly gets mad and sends one of the tents into the pool, then destroys one of the mannequins. Bates says she knows there are a lot of gamers here, but there's so much more out there at their fingertips, inside a book. Crowd boos and chants "we can't read!" She talks more about the power of books. Avalon and Bates get into a shush-off as Allie's music hit and she heads out. Crowd wasn't sure what to make of that whole segment, pretty quiet for most of it.

Allie vs. Leva Bates

Bates keeps shushing Allie, Allie finally grabs Bates' finger and twists it. She flips Bates over, puts her hand down on the mat, and stomps it. Bates rolls out to the floor, Allie taunts her as we see Brandi Rhodes watching on from the back. Bates back in, Allie with a crossbody off the second rope, side russian leg sweep, cover, two. Avalon reading a book as Allie tries to hit the ropes and he casually grabs her foot. She barks at Avalon as Bates dropkicks her out to the floor. Back in the ring, Bates continues to work Allie over, Allie with a pin attempt, two, Bates goes back on the offense. Multiple punches, rolls through and stretches Allie out.

Allie finally gets in a bunch of chops in the corner, she screams at Bates, but gets sent across the ring into the corner, Bates drives her knees into Allie, cover, two. Bates throws wild punches, misses, Allie lands his punches and chops. Bates in the corner, Allie with a back elbow, and big sliding elbow. Allie tries for a superkick, caught, rough looking lungblower hits. Bates hits a modified pedigree, camera kind of missed it so it was hard to tell, cover, two. Avalon on the apron, throws a book, but it ends up going to Allie. Allie tosses it to Bates, superkick lands, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Allie via Pinfall

- Kenny Omega is playing roadie to help the musical acts to get their things. Brandon Cutler stops him and says he doesn't need to do that, all the bands are gone. Omega looks really worried, tells the cameraman to turn the camera off.

Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex Jebailey (Hardcore Match)

Nakazawa on the mic before things get going. He says Jebailey cheated to win last year and that's why CEO sucks. Nakazawa mentions Jebailey's injury to his right leg, Jebailey corrects him that it was his left and Nakazawa thanks him for the info, kicking it right after. Jebailey recovers, hits a hip toss, scoop powerslam, looks for a waistlock, Nakazawa busts out the baby oil and slides out. Jebailey kicks him in the back, tries again, but slips on the oil, referee slips too. Nakazawa puts oil on Jebailey's stomach, then slips over him and falls down on Jebailey. On the outside Jebailey sends him into the barricade, grabs a clipboard and breaks it over Nakazawa's head. He's handed a fight stick, jams it into Nakazawa's stomach, smacks it over his back, cover, two.

Jebailey and him work towards the stage, Jebailey ends up submerging Nakazawa's head in kiddie pool. Nakazawa mists him, hits him with a blowup pool toy. Jebailey ends up dumping Nakazawa into the pool and brings him back into the ring. Jebailey looks under the ring, sends a controller and a kendo stick into the ring. He puts a table up outside the ring. Nakazawa smacks him in the head with the controller and chokes him with the cord. Jebailey up on the apron, looks to suplex his opponent, no, Nakazawa bites him. Referee gets sent into Jebailey, but he hangs on. Nakazawa charges and hits a spear, sending Jebailey down through the table. Nakazawa brings him back into the ring, cover, he lifts Jebailey up and decides to crack him a couple times with the kendo stick.

Nakazawa pulls off his thong from under his wrestling tights and tries to hit Jebailey with it, he ducks it and suplex Nakazawa on his damn head! Jebailey dumps out a bunch of game controller buttons, back body drops Nakazawa on them, cracks him a bunch of times with the kendo stick. Nakazawa tries for the thong attack again, ends up getting the referee, Jebailey with a lowblow, rolls up Nakazawa, but the referee is still dazed. Nakazawa counters with a pin attempt and puts the thong on Jebailey's face for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Michael Nakazawa via Pinfall

- Jon Moxley cuts a quick promo, says to the camera if you don't know who or what Jon Moxley is , you're about to find out.

Christopher Daniels vs. CIMA

CIMA and Daniels off to a quick pace, Daniels finally hits an arm drag to brings things to a halt. Daniels look for a lariat, no, CIMA lands a dropkick that sends Daniels to the floor, CIMA with a basement dropkick sending Daniels into the barricade. Back in the ring, CIMA initially gets the best of Daniels, but Daniels hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, CIMA to the floor. Daniels with a release overhead suplex. Both back in the ring, Daniels hits a scoop slam, suplex, hits the arabian moonsault on CIMA's back and goes right into the crossface.

CIMA dumped into the corner, Daniels does an SCU chant, charges in and eats a kick. CIMA with a backstabber, rolling venus hammer, plants Daniels, hooks both legs for the pin, two. Crowd fairly split for this match. Daniels with a blue thunder bomb, angel's wings hits, cover, CIMA kicks out! CIMA with an enziguri, Daniels on the second rope, CIMA looks for a sunset powerbomb, CIMA adjusts into a running powerbomb, perfect driver, cover, two. CIMA plants Daniels to the mat, heads to the top rope, meteroa lands, pin, 1-2-3. As noted, CIMA faces Kenny Omega at AEW Fight for the Fallen in July.

Winner: CIMA via Pinfall

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Riho vs. Nyla Rose

Rose sends both opponents into the corner, charges in, nobody home. Yakazaki and Riho tries to irish whip Rose, but they get sent into each other. They land a double dropkick, try to roll Rose into a submission, but both get whipped away. Both dropped to the mat, Rose with a splash on both. Both slip out and under Rose, and go on the attack. They try for a suplex, Rose counters with a double suplex. Rose stacks both women on each other for the double camel clutch.

Rose lifts Sakazaki and throws her on Riho. Riho rolls to the floor. Rose tries for a suplex, no, Sakazaki with a hurricanrana that sends Rose out to the floor. Sakazaki looks to fly, climbs up to the top rope and flies, taking out both women. Riho sent back into the ring, Sakazaki heads to the top rope, dropkick lands, cover, two. Riho fights back, dropkick misses, but she ends up landing a double stomp. Rose charges in, gets tripped against the ropes, 619. Rose eats some more aerials attacks, Riho tries to roll up Sakazaki, two, instantly double stomps her. Sakazaki with a running lariat on a grounded Riho. Rose back to her feet, one punch sends Sakazaki to the mat.

Rose taunts a bit to a chorus of boos, Sakazaki takes the moment to swing away on her opponent, looks for a running lariat, nope, Rose lifts and plants Sakazaki, lazy cover, two-count. Rose hangs Riho on the top rope. Rose climbs to the top rope and leaps for a hard knee drop down on Riho! Crowd with a "holy s—!" chant. Rose doesn't go for the cover though, she heads back up to the top again. Sakazaki climbs up and slows Rose down, but eats a bunch of punches that sends her to the floor. Rose up top again looks for a senton bomb, nobody home. Riho up to the top rope tries for a crossbody, caught, Sakazaki up top and she's caught too! Sakazaki with the roll-up though, but it's a two-count.

Riho knees Sakazaki, Sakazaki with a snap suplex, looks for the magical girl splash, Riho gets her knees up. Rose with a nasty release german suplex on Sakazaki. Rose with a beast bomb, cover, Riho driving knee, that puts Sakazaki in a pinning position, Riho has to break that up too. Rose drops Riho, but it slow to get up, finally goes for the cover, two. Rose looks for another beast bomb, Riho rolls through with a counter, hooks the leg and gets the pin.

Winner: Riho via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rose attacks Riho from behind, crowd booing. She looks for a beast bomb, Sakazaki with the save, double dropkicks sends Rose out to the floor. Sakazaki tries to help Riho up and gets shoved away.

- Kip Sabian joins commentary, he will face the winner of the upcoming 4-way match.

Adam Page vs. MJF vs. Jungle Boy vs. Jimmy Havoc

MJF on the mic before the match, getting plenty of boos right from the start. The crowd says to MJF "you suck," MJF says "your mother's basement that you live in, she swallows." MJF hypes himself up and makes fun of the gamers in the crowds. "I used to love video games...and then I lost my virginity." Match gets started, everyone starts swinging, Page and Jungle Boy stay in the ring, Page with a big kick, lands some chops. Jungle Boy with a springboard arm drag into a step-up hurricanrana. Havoc in there against Jungle Boy, big elbow, sliding dropkick to a grounded Jungle Boy, plants him, but MJF with the roll-up on Havoc, two. Tries it on Jungle Boy, two again.

MJF eats an elbow by Havoc, Page looks for the dead eye, no. Page with a fallway slam on Jungle Boy, springboards himself out to the floor on MJF. Havoc with a running senton off the apron on Page. Jungle Boy looks to fly, but MJF stops that. MJF taunts a bit as he looks to fly, ends up just running the ropes and taunting the crowd. Jungle Boy dropkicks MJF, Jungle Boy look for a flipping cannonball to the floor, his boot catches the ring post so he doesn't get all of it. MJF looks for some punches in the corner, Jungle Boy moves out of the way on the first one, hits a flipping powerbomb sending MJF from the second rope to the mat. Havoc with a running uppercut on Jungle Boy, heads to the top with him and tries for a superplex. Page gets in there with a tower of doom and MJF ends up getting flattened by the group crashing to the mat.

MJF eats a big lariat by Page, bails out to the floor. Jungle Boy and Havoc with double ax kicks. Jungle Boy dumps Havoc on his head. Page with a discus lariat, pop-up powerbomb, cover, MJF puts Jungle Boy's foot on the rope to break up the count. Havoc with a german suplex on Page. MJF with a double stomp to Havoc's arm, throws Jungle Boy into Havoc, goes for the cover, Page yanks Havoc out of the ring to break things up. MJF and Page battle back and forth, MJF with a chop block on Page's banged up knee. MJF looks for the sharpshooter, Page sweeps the leg and looks for one of his own, MJF gets to the ropes. Crowd hates him so much.

MJF with a heat seeker on Page, cover, Jungle Boy able to stop it. MJF smacks Jungle Boy who falls back to Luchasaurus, he catches him and swings him back up. Havoc then dumps Jungle Boy down on Luchasaurus. Havoc with a double stomp down on Havoc, cover, two. MJF with an eye poker to Havoc. Buckshot lariat hits Havoc. Page sends MJF out to the floor, Page hits rite of passage on Havoc for the victory.

Winner: Adam Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Page and MJF yell at each other as MJF heads to the back.

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Darby Allin

Allin brought a black body bag with "Cody 1-1" spray painted on it. Allin using his agility early on to avoid and frustrated Cody who has a decisive size advantage on his opponent. Cody using some of his amateur wrestling background to go for a single leg, but Allin gets to the ropes. He then get a headlock takeover to the mat on Allin. Allin looks for the armdrag, Cody easily blocks it, Allin then leaps up to the top rope and hits a massive arm drag that sends Cody out to the floor. Allin beckons him back in as Cody checks out the body bag.

Ross noting Allin is only 22. Cody finally slows Allin down with a punch to the face. Cody tries to yank him out of the corner, Allin block it, Cody drops down and punches him. He ends up throwing Allin into the corner and Allin ended up going through the middle and top rope all the way to the floor! Not sure if that was intended, but it sure looked brutal. Cody with some push-ups as he waits for Allin. He makes his way back in, Cody continues to work over his opponent, stomps away at his leg then goes into a figure-four, but Allin gets to the rope, even bites at it.

Allin gets sent out to the floor, goes over to Allin as he gets in the ring, Allin swings Cody's wrist into the ring post. He drops Allin, goes for the pin, two. Cody looks over his hand, Cody with a big clothesline that turns Allin inside out. Allin having trouble standing know as Cody just works him completely over. Cody with a delayed suplex, Allin squeezes Cody's injured left hand to escape. Rolls him up, two, springboard right into a low dropkick, cover, two. He twists, punches, headbutts, and wrenches Cody's wrist.

Cody finally gets to the rope and sits on the apron, Allin kicks him, hits a nice suicide dive, then slams Cody's wrist on the steps. Allin looks to stomp it, misses, they look at each other for a moment, Cody then yanks his leg out from under him, sending Allin crashing back first to the step. Cody looks to fly and hits his own suicide dive. Back in the ring, Allin lands some strikes, yoshi tonic, pin, two. Five minutes remaining in the match. Allin heads up top with his back to Cody, Cody runs up and stomps him, sends Allin crashing down to the mat, pin, two. Allin on the apron, Cody chases, Allin bites the injured hand. Cody clothelines him into the ring. Allin yanks Cody's arm into the ropes.

Allin to the top and tries a coffin drop on Cody, but he moves and Allin ends up crashing and burning on the edge of the apron! Ow! Ow! Cody ends up wrapping Allin in the body bag, Cody with a disaster kick, cover, two. Allin was able to jump up and out of the bag, then falls back down. One minute remaining, he rolls up Allin, Allin kicks out at one. Cody smacks Allin with the weight belt, multiple times. 30 seconds. Cody with a kick, cross rhodes, Allin kicks with a counter, over the top stunner, cross rhodes sends Allin on his head, Time counting down and Cody misses the three count by one second!

Match ends in a 20-minute time limit draw

- They consider giving them more time, but Shawn Spears comes into the ring and smashes Cody right in the head with the chair. Brandi gets in the ring and asks him what he's doing. The referee gets between Brandi and Spears. Spears stares at Brandi and makes his way out through the crowd. Cody has a gash on the back of his head now, sizable pool of blood on the mat. MJF is in the ring, not happy as he watches Spears leave. Scorpio and Kazarian out to check on Cody. Commentary does a good job putting over how sickening that was for Spears to hit Cody with that chairshot. That match and post-match was wild.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs. Pentagon Jr., Fenix, and Laredo Kid

The Elite come out with their Street Fighter inspired outfits. Just before the match gets going, they tells Justin Roberts to say something..."Round 1! Fight!" Nick and Laredo get things rolling. Nick has a tough time with Laredo in the early parts of the match. Every wrestler make their way into the ring, Pentagon's team tries for a triple superkick, no, The Elite hit the ropes and eat superkicks. Pentagon, Fenix, and Laredo all take to the air and drop their opponents out on the floor. Laredo continues to work over Nick in the mat, Laredo with two moonsaults off the second rope, pin, two.

Nick able to finally get some offense in, taking out both Fenix and Pentagon. He tags Matt in, hits multiple northern lights suplexes on first laredo kid, then fenix, then overhead release suplexes on both Pentagon and Fenix. Omega gets the tag, crowd pops as he chops away at Laredo, diving back elbow in the corner, backbreaker, cover, two. Laredo ends up on the floor, Omega hits the ropes, Pentagon stops him in his tracks and wags his finger. Crowd chants "cero miedo" as Pentagon takes his glove off, tosses it to the ref, and does the cero miedo taunt right in Omega's face. Big back and forth chops from both wrestlers. Omega with a low dropkick, leg drop sends Pentagon face first to the mat. Young Bucks run in and send Fenix off the apron and back to the apron. The Elite with a triple team moves. Omega with a release german suplex.

Everyone taking turns with big strikes, Pentagon takes out all of The Elite, hits a big backstabber on Omega. Out on the floor it's craziness, Laredo hits a huge suicide dive. Matt gets stuck in a tree of woe position, Pentagon with a double stomp, cover, two. Omega trying to fight off all three opponent, snap dragon suplexes on Pentagon and Fenix. Big knee into a snap dragon suplex on Laredo. Nick Jackson sent out to the floor. Fenix runs and Pentagon back body drops him up and over the corner down on Nick! Laredo with a sick move, sending Omega to the mat, cover, two. Multiple wrestlers are eating superkicks. The Elite trying to plan something, but end up eating more superkicks. The Elite then hit Street Fight inspired Hadoukens. Triple powerbombs by The Elite, two-count.

Fenix and Laredo both eat a 450 splash, Omega for the pin and Pentagon kicks the hell out of him to break that up. Nick spikes Fenix to the mat, tries to hit Pentagon with a moonsault on the floor, no, Pentagon drops him. Omega hits a v-trigger on Laredo, sending him to the floor. Omega looks to fly, Fenix wit ha big cutter to stop that. Nick with a reverse cutter on Fenix. Matt and Nick thinking a Meltzer driver out to the floor, quirky spot leads to Fenix hitting a spanish fly on Nick off the top rope down to the floor on Pentagon and Nick. Omega with a bit knee to Laredo's face, one winged angel hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks via Pinfall.

- Post-match, Omega and Young Bucks celebrate. Omega tells the other team to jump in the ring, they jaw a bit, but Pentagon, Fenix, and Laredo Kid celebrate a bit in the ring. Omega shakes hands with everyone ringside and makes his way to the back.

- Jim Ross putting over that the show is officially over as Moxley and Janela is a "lights out non-sanctioned event."

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela (Non-Sanctioned Match)

Moxley with some chops, gets sent out to the floor. Janella with a suicide dive on Moxley, but he ends up sending Janela out to the crowd where the two brawl a bit until they make their way back to ringside. Janela already bringing a table out, sets it up on the floor. Moxley looks to have a dinged up eyebrow already. Moxley throws Janela into the steps, finds a chair under the ring, body slam Janela on the chair. Moxley sits on the chair to admire his work. Janela attacks and chops Moxley back down on the chair. Janela to the top rope, looks for a senton, Moxley moves and Janela flattens the chair!

Moxley brings out a barbed wire wrapped chair and lays it on Janela's chest, he smacks his midsection, then steps down on it, grinding away. Crowd with a "you sick f—!" chant and he gives the crowd a bow, they pop for that. Moxley heads to the top rope, Janela follows up, hurricanrana sends Moxley down on the chair and he just clips the edge of it. Janela takes the chair and smashes it down on Moxley's back, cover, two. Moxley low back is bleeding a bit. Janela bringing out another table, puts it in the ring in the corner. Moxley tries to throw Janela to the outside through that other table. Janela blocks it and is on the apron now. Suplex attempt, no, Moxley heads out to the apron and Janela instantly hits a side russian leg sweep through the table! Back in the ring, Moxley picks up Janela and just drives him through the table in the corner.

Moxley out to the floor, looking for more toys under the ring. Another table out...and another one! He points at Janela, who flips him off. Two tables are set up right next to each other out on the floor now. Moxley goes in and beats him up a bit more. Moxley under the ring again and yanks out a barbed wire board, puts it in the corner of the ring. Janela nearly runs into it. Moxley tries for a DDT, no. Janela lifts and sends Moxley straight into the barbed wire! Moxley's feet are tangled, Janela yanks him out, cover, two. Moxley's back is bloodied up now. He's still able to lift himself up out of the corner and blasts Janela with a lariat.

Superkick by Janela, Moxley on the apron now, another superkick that somewhat misses. Janela yanks out a ladder and puts it up in the ring. Moxley is watching, yanking Janela to the outside. Moxley gets his head send into the steps a bunch of times. Moxley is put on both tables, Janela climbs the ladder and hits a big elbow drop down on Moxley, breaking on one of the tables, tough landing for Janela. He yanks out another barbed wire board and bridges it on the apron and barricade. Moxley back in the ring. Janela looks to send him there, but walks right into a DDT. Moxley with a death valley driver sending Janela crashing down through the barbed wire board! Crowd with an "AEW" chant. Referee checking on Janela, Moxley brings him back into the ring. Janela with a weak slap, Moxley with knees to the head. Moxley grabs a bucket, pulls out a white bag, and dumps out a pile of thumbtacks. Moxley then takes Janela's boots and socks off! He dumps Janela on the tacks, then sends him feet first! AH! Paradigm shift on the tacks! 1-2-3!

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Kenny Omega rushes Moxley and beats the hell out of him. This is revenge for Moxley attacking Omega at the end of Double or Nothing after his loss to Chris Jericho. Suplex on the floor. Puts the table over Moxley, and hits a big double stomp on him. Moxley tries to fight back, Omega gets on him and continues to swing away. He sends Moxley's face-first into the drum kit out near the stage. Omega hits Moxley with some drum sticks, then grabs the electric guitar and cracks Moxley's over the back with it before backing away. Referees help Moxley up the ramp, he ends up shoving them away. Omega runs out with a garbage can and cracks Moxley a bunch of times. Omega then hits dirty deeds on the trash can and stands tall as the show ends.