AEW's Nyla Rose Discusses LGBTQ Representation In Pro Wrestling

Vice recently talked to LGBTQ wrestlers and wrestling personalities about what queer representation has meant to them. AEW's Nyla Rose was one of the wrestlers that were interviewed.

After Rose was signed to AEW, Sports Illustrated wrote how she became the first out transgender wrestler signed by a major U.S. wrestling promotion.


"The wrestling industry used to be this over the top manly thing that really played to a target market of cis white heterosexual males between 12 and 25," Rose said. "Now it seems the industry is embracing the fact that wrestling has many components that appeal to an extremely broad array of people, and that even in doing that, it doesn't have to change or compromise what it is at its core, a dramatic sports competition," she added.

Rose explained, "Being trans, I don't really have a choice compared to someone gay, les, or bi. People who don't go through any physical changes when being out. My decision to be out as a bisexual, and be open about being trans was intentional. I want others to see the normality in a life that may be different than theirs. I want people to see that there is someone that may be like them thrive and hopefully it can help them find their own courage... it may not even be related to anything doing with sexual or gender identity, inspiration comes in many forms. Aside from getting to work alongside and learn from some of my heroes growing up, the biggest thing for me as a performer is definitely be seeing everyone in my family beaming with pride that after all these years to finally achieve one of my biggest dreams."


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