On the final Road to Double or Nothing it was hinted that AEW will be releasing a new feature titled The Road to Fyter Fest referring to AEW's next upcoming event Fyter Fest on June 29. The video does not directly say what The Road to Fyter will consist of, but its likely to resemble a series of online promotional videos aimed at hyping the Daytona Beach event, similarly to how Road to Double or Nothing paired with Double or Nothing.

One of the final pieces of the video shows a wordless confrontation between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela. Janela approaches a fired up Moxley and smugly lights up a cigarette. Moxley then rips the cigarette out of Janela's mouth, takes a drag, blows the smoke in Janela's face before finally flicking the cigarette out of sight and walking away. Moxley is slated to face Janela at Fyter Fest in what will be Moxley's first AEW match.

Below are the rest of the highlights from the video:

* Shawn Spears talks about his lack of confidence of late immediately went away when he stepped out for Double or Nothing. As he expresses his awe of the event's production, the video highlights the detail of Double or Nothing's stage and set.

* Highlight of Brandi Rhodes introducing Awesome Kong at Double or Nothing. Awesome Kong admits she was moved by the crowd and overall experience at Double or Nothing. Kong also emphasizes the huge wave of momentum AEW is rolling with at the moment.

* Kenny Omega puts over the six woman tag match. Omega expresses his happiness that AEW to be able to provide a variety show for wrestling fans that includes all kinds of wrestling from many parts of the world.

* Chris Jericho laughing with boxing legend Mike Tyson backstage while watching a Double or Nothing segment on television.

* Highlights of the Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes match. Dustin Rhodes says he wasn't sure how an AEW crowd would respond to him, but felt they responded wonderfully. Rhodes added that the match between he and his brother was about the legacy of the Rhodes family giving it all they had. Dustin also admits that it was the most emotional match he'd wrestled in his 31 year career. Diamond Dallas Page praises Cody for his ability to carry a promotion.

* Highlights of The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers. The video showcases the tag teams high spots as well as footage of The Young Bucks coming out victorious.

* Highlights of the main event Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega match. The video displays some of the major spots between the two performers. That is, until clips of the John Moxley "Paradigm Shift" promo are spliced in. Viewers also get to witness the camera angle that followed Moxley through the crowd and into the ring during his surprise appearance after the match.