Brandi and Cody Rhodes were busy tonight answering fan questions on Twitter. Two questions revealed who was behind the music for new talent at Double Or Nothing and more about Cody and WWE.

The fan question for Cody was, “Who’s character did WWE destroy the most… Yours or dustins?” Cody answered positive with, “Can’t speak for him, but they didn’t destroy anything of mine. They put me in the spotlight and on tv, learned a massive amount in those 10 years.”

The fan question for Brandi involved if Jim Johnston (or someone like him) would be creating original music for AEW wrestlers. Brandi revealed that they had someone already, Mikey Rukus, who did most of the new talent themes for Double Or Nothing.

According to his Twitter bio, Rukus is a TV/film composer, producer, and music supervisor. He did reply to her comment, “Thank you!! Can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have in store.”

Below are their tweets: