Bray Wyatt took to Twitter this week and agreed with a fan that his "Firefly Fun House" segments are the best thing going on WWE's main roster these days.

"Who could argue??," Wyatt responded to the fan.

In another note on Wyatt, there's new speculation surrounding what he might be doing on tonight's RAW episode. The @Wrestlevotes Twitter account tweeted a GIF from Wyatt's days as Husky Harris earlier today, fueling the speculation. A fan asked if this meant Wyatt is returning to the ring tonight on RAW and they responded, "No. You'll see."

There's no word yet on what WWE might have planned for Wyatt tonight, but it could be another dark turn for the "Fun House" segments. Wyatt's TV ring return continue to be a hot topic among fans online as many have been commenting on how they're ready for him to get back in the ring because the "Fun House" segments are dragging on.

You can see the related tweets below: