Chris Jericho has had a career spanning nearly 30 years where he has seen it all and done it all. Jericho is one of the major players for AEW and recently spoke with wrestling legend Jesse "The Body" Ventura on RT America regarding AEW and possible changes to the controversial independent contractor rule plaguing professional wrestling.

"I think the way that the union will happen is when television stations go through the Screen Actors Guild type of thing to ensure the union happens," Jericho explained. "I think right now is the best time for wrestlers. There is a lot of options, there is a lot of ways to put that money away to be able to take care of yourself. There is a lot of guys from the '80s that weren't able to do that and are having a lot of issues with healthcare and that sort of thing. I believe in helping a lot of those guys in regard to healthcare."

With many talents speaking out against the legality of wrestlers being classified as independent contractors, Jericho feels that AEW will spearhead the change to protect the wrestlers.

"The system is flawed in that respect," Jericho admitted. "I think AEW is definitely more about wrestlers and not just in that respect, but also as far as being in control of who you are as a performer. There is a lot of micromanaging going on in the WWE right now. There are scriptwriters, script doctors, all this sort of thing isn't good for the business either. AEW has a fresh perspective on all of those things. I think it is something that will change the business."

Jericho also revealed that his contract with AEW makes him an employee, not an independent contractor. He admitted Tony Khan and his family's experience with owning pro sports teams gives AEW a pro sports team vibe.

"For myself, I'm an employee of AEW," Jericho said. "There are inroads to that at least for me, I'm a registered employee with the company, so there are options that are opening up more into this sort of vibe. There is a much more of a big-time sports mentality rather than the old school kind of the way wrestling is done mentality"

Legally, the independent contractor clause has long been questioned. But Jericho had a final, pointed question regarding WWE and legalities.

"When has Vince McMahon followed the law?" Jericho joked.

You can view the full interview above (interview starts at the 14:55 mark). If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit RT America with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.