AEW's top heel Chris Jericho took to social media today to take credit for the quick All Out sell out. Jericho cut a similar promo back before the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view.

"Hey, this is Chris Jericho and I just heard that All Out sold out in 15 minutes, and that's so incredible," Jericho said. "So I just want to say, to all the AEW fans, everybody who bought tickets, the AEW roster, the front office, the Khan Family, the Sears Centre, all of you watching, I just want to say... you're welcome.

"Don't forget why you sold out in 15 minutes. Don't forget why AEW is the hottest wrestling company in the world today. Don't forget why it's even in existence in the first place. It's because of Chris Jericho. It's because of me and now I don't just want a thank you because of Double Or Nothing, I want a thank you because of All Out, I want a thank you for the whole kit and caboodle. I want a thank you from all of you for AEW even being in existence, and If you think I'm going to stop with this, think again. I'm waiting. I want to have my thank you. Waiting... still waiting..."

Jericho is currently scheduled to face "Hangman" Adam Page to crown the first-ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion at All Out on August 31. Jericho recently posted a storyline tweet where he refused to work the June 29 Fyter Fest event because the company decided to air it for free on B/R Live. There's been speculation on Jericho being the mystery partner for Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. in the six-man match against Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, but that hasn't been confirmed.

You can see Jericho's full promo below: