We’ve noted how Jon Moxley revealed in his recent “Talk Is Jericho” podcast with Chris Jericho that he once refused to say a line that Vince McMahon wanted him to say about Roman Reigns’ leukemia diagnosis, while the former Dean Ambrose was working as a heel during Reigns’ time off to fight the disease.

Moxley would not repeat the line during the podcast, but he promised to tell Jericho after it was over.

“It is the worst line,” Moxley revealed. “I’m not going to say it on the air, I’ll tell you after we’re done. It would have been like a thing where someone would had to get fired, maybe me. They might have like lost sponsors, like the Susan G. Komen and all of that.”

A Reddit user recently claimed that Jericho was telling people backstage at AEW Double Or Nothing that Moxley refused to say a line about how God was going to kill Reigns. He claimed Jericho repeated the following line that Moxley refused to say:

“I don’t know who’s more of a dead man walking, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Only difference I’m gonna kill Seth, and God is gonna kill Roman.”

Jericho took to Twitter today and denied the claim. Jericho responded to the rumor and wrote, “Total lie.”

You can see Jericho’s tweet below: