Chris Jericho took part in the press conference for tomorrow's NJPW Dominion where he'll face IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. During the Q&A Jericho talked about how he's currently at the top of his game, headlining the first AEW show and defeating Kenny Omega. Now just a few days later, he's going up against the face of NJPW.

"Think about how big of a name Chris Jericho is right now," Jericho began. "Just one week ago I headlined in the very first AEW show and beat Kenny Omega, Okada's greatest rival, beating him with the Judas elbow. Here I am 10 days later, headlining Dominion with New Japan. Nobody else can do that. Nobody else is a big enough star to headline Las Vegas and Osaka within two weeks. Kenny Omega—I beat him. Okada, I'll beat you, I'll be the IWGP Champion and at All Out I'll beat Hangman Page and be the AEW champion.

"I'll be double champion just like when I beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin both on the same night to become WWE and WCW double champion. That was a lifetime ago now here we are in 2019, Okada versus Jericho: a dream match, one of the biggest matches you could ever have. It could headline the Tokyo Dome, but tomorrow night in Osaka at Dominion in front of a sold-out crowd, it's going to be one of the biggest matches you've ever seen in New Japan. At the end of it I will win, I will be the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. I have to."

Jericho was then asked how the in-ring style of WWE differs from NJPW, Jericho ended up focusing just on NJPW and why Okada should be looking forward to facing him at Dominion.

"Well, we'll find out because this is the best of New Japan right here, yes?" Jericho responded. "Okada, he is the best, he is the face of New Japan, but wrestling, it still boils down to the same thing: it's all about star power, it's all about fighting spirit, it's all about being strong-style in the ring. I love watching Okada in the ring, it's like watching a great artist paint his painting.

"He is the best in New Japan, but I'm the best in the entire world. Okada has faced them all, but he hasn't faced Chris Jericho yet and tomorrow night he will go to a whole different level. He should thank me."

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