CM Punk Files Lawsuit Against Colt Cabana

CM Punk has filed a countersuit against his former friend, Colt Cabana, on June 18th. According to a report from PWInsider, Punk is seeking $600,000 for general damages as well as interest and legal fees in response to an amended lawsuit that Cabana filed in August of 2018.


WWE Doctor Chris Amann sued Punk and Cabana in 2015 for comments that Punk made on Cabana's podcast where Punk said, among other claims, that Amann misdiagnosed a MRSA staph infection as a fatty deposit. Punk claimed that a doctor recommended to him by wife AJ Lee said that he should be dead after wrestling with the staph infection for months. The jury ruled in favor of Punk and Cabana, and they did not have to pay anything to Amann.

Cabana had sued Punk last August for breach of contract and fraud over legal fees related to the lawsuit. Cabana claimed that Punk promised to cover his legal bills, however Punk's legal team dropped him as a client. Cabana got his own representation after their falling out. Cabana is seeking $200,000 for his personal legal costs and additional damages.


Punk claims that he spent $1.2 million in legal fees between himself and Cabana in the Amann lawsuit and was never reimbursed, which he stated "violated fundamental principles of justice, equality, and good conscience" and breached their contract. Punk also noted that the podcast with Cabana was immensely popular, however he never received any compensation for it.

Cabana's side must respond to the countersuit by July 3rd. You can read more details on the lawsuit at PWInsider by clicking here.