Former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) is heading a new promotion called Nacion Lucha Libre. The promotion was announced at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. Above is video from the presser, courtesy of +LuchaTV.

The new promotion will launch on Thursday, July 11 with a show at Sala de Armas in Mexico City, Mexico. That event and future NLL events will air on Saturdays from 10:30pm CST until midnight on the ImageTV network, according to Lucha Central. The first show will air on Saturday, July 13, two days after it tapes in Mexico City.

A poster is advertising the following matches for the July 11 show. It’s interesting to note that former WWE Superstar MVP is listed on Team Puerto Rico in the PR vs. Team Mexico six-man main event.

* Team Mexico (Alberto El Patron, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo del Fantasma) vs. Team Puerto Rico (MVP, El Mesias, Apolo)

* Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Mecha Wolf 450

* Damian 666 vs. El Solar vs. Negro Navarro vs. El Canek

* Fresero Jr. and Mr. Iguana vs. Bestia 666 and Black Taurus vs. The Laredo Kid and The Tiger

* Flamita and Daga vs. Rey Horus and Puma King

* Sexy Star, Lady Flammer, Reina Oscura vs. Thunder Rosa, Cristy Jaynes, Stephanie Vaquer

* Bram, La Mascara, Batab El Guerrero vs. Hijo de Dos Caras, Hijo de Wagner, Dual

* Relampago vs Heddi Karaoui

Former WWE manager Ricardo Rodriguez is listed as a referee for the promotion. A tribute to Dos Caras and Tinieblas is also advertised for the first event.

Below are a few shots from the press conference along with the flyer for the first event: