We noted before how Paul Heyman was being advertised to appear at Monday's WWE RAW from Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center.

Eric Bischoff is also being advertised to appear on WWE TV next week, at the WWE SmackDown episode from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas.

The ads for Bischoff include the same line for Heyman's appearance, wondering what they will have in store for the brands.

As noted, WWE announced on Thursday that Heyman and Bischoff have been hired as Executive Directors. Heyman will run RAW, while Bischoff will run SmackDown, and both will report directly to Vince McMahon. It's interesting that both are being advertised for TV next week because original reports on Thursday stated that these new roles would not be a part of any TV storyline, at least at first.

Furthermore, Pro Wrestling Sheet has reported that the behind-the-scenes changed would be slow, not immediate, and that the plan was for Heyman and Bischoff to "slowly assimilate" into the new roles before being given full control to oversee the creative process for each show.

It looks like Heyman and Bischoff could appear on WWE TV weekly because the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans released the same teaser for Heyman for the August 26 RAW episode.

Below are screenshots of the ads being sent to fans today by arenas: